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Chicago Bears vs. New York Giants Moneyline: Surprise Week 11 Upset

Who: Chicago Bears (2-7) vs. New York Giants (5-4)
Where: MetLife Stadium. East Rutherford, New Jersey
When: Sunday, November 20, 2016. 1:00 PM (EST)
Moneyline: Bears +270, Giants -330 at the Bovada Sportsbook

Everyone knows that when you play the stock market, the riskiest gambles are also the most lucrative. In the world of NFL football, the Chicago Bears and the New York Giants are two of the most unpredictable teams around, but there is the potential for high reward on this matchup.

The Bears have somehow managed to become irrelevant by Week 11 in one of the worst divisions in football, and at 2-7 have almost no chance of making the playoffs. The New York Football Giants, on the other hand, are holding their own in what is probably the toughest division in the NFC, besting both star rookie quarterbacks in their division – Dak Prescott and the Cowboys, as well as Carson Wentz and the Eagles.

It seems obvious that the Giants should be favored over the Bears, and indeed the line gives the Bears a touchdown head start going into the game at +7. So it may seem a little crazy to consider the value of a Bears money line bet & and maybe it is a little crazy. But let’s look at the two teams anyways and see if there isn’t good value to be found at Bears +270 to beat the Giants in New York on Sunday.

Chicago Bears Poised for a Bounce Back Game

This season, the Chicago Bears have demonstrated that they have two settings: hang tough, and roll over. In three games and their two wins as well as a hard-fought loss to the Colts & the Bears have stayed in the game and competed to the end. In the other 6 games, there was a moment early in the second half when despite the scoreboard, you knew the game was already over.

What do these three games have in common? Leadership at the quarterback position. After Jay Cutler’s injury in Week 2, backup Brian Hoyer stepped in, and after a few weeks of getting acclimated to the starting job, he stacked two solid performances one after the other ñ a win vs. the Lions and a hard-fought loss to the Colts.

Subsequently, a surprise comeback by the Jaguars and a broken thumb for Hoyer derailed the Bears’ momentum. But now, with Jay Cutler back healthy for three straight weeks (one of those their bye week), the Bears are back able to have some continuity once again. After a rallying win against the division rival Vikings, the Bears came off the bye week and laid an egg vs. the Buccaneers, with Jay Cutler responsible for four turnovers. This is the situation that the Bears bring to New York.

The New York Football Giants Stand on the Precipice

Since winning the Super Bowl in 2011/12, the Giants have lived solidly in the middle of the pack, averaging 7 wins over the subsequent four seasons. Last season, especially, the Giants developed an identity as the team that kept games close, but ultimately lost in the fourth quarter based on an inability to run out the clock with the ground game and a serious inability to put pressure on opposing quarterbacks and get off the field on 3rd down.

After a coaching change and millions of dollars in offseason spending on just these issues, the Giants made a statement win on national television this past Monday, grinding out a 1-point victory over a decent Bengals team. They ran the ball in the fourth quarter and sacked Andy Dalton on two consecutive plays to stop the Bengals’ fourth-quarter comeback drive cold.

The Giants are now on a four-game win streak, and have a 2-7 Bears team coming to town for their third consecutive home game. All signs point to the New York Giants continuing to roll, but if we have learned one thing over the past few years from the Giants, it’s to expect the unexpected. After two consecutive 6-10 seasons, to reach 6-4 on a 5-game win streak feels too good to be true.

I’m Betting on Da Bears Moneyline, and I’m Terrified

All of the logical signs point to the New York Giants rolling over the Bears at home. There is little statistical argument to suggest otherwise. The Bears are coming off of a debilitating loss where their deepest weaknesses were exposed, and the Giants are coming off of a strong win where their deepest weaknesses were rectified.

But the football gods love balance, and this feels like the perfect opportunity for two strange trends to inexplicably reverse themselves. The Giants are due to backpedal for a game, after so much success, and the Bears are poised to get things together after a long period of discombobulation. And with two quarterbacks that are prone to turn the ball over, momentum plays a huge role.

While it might sound crazy, I betting on the Bears to pull out the win in New York in a wild and erratic game.

I expect the scrappy Bears to hang tougher than the hapless Bengals in the fourth quarter, who clearly just rolled over. I would guess the game will end up 19-16 Bears, and, (dare I say it), I encourage interested parties to bet with me on the Bears +270 moneyline at the Bovada Sportsbook.

David HeinenThis article was written by David Heinen

David Heinen is a freelance psychology writer by day, inveterate NFL junkie by night. Born and raised on the Green Bay Packers, David is a die-hard Cheesehead, not to mention a cheese enthusiast in his spare time.

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