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UFC on FOX 4: Shogun vs. Vera Picks and Odds

Mauricio “Shogun” Rua (20-6) and Brandon Vera (12-5) both have plenty to prove when they meet up in the main event at UFC on FOX 4 on August 4 2012. Rua is looking to show he’s still a contender, while Vera is trying to hang on to an MMA career that’s heading towards the finish line.

UFC on Fox 4: Rua vs Vera Betting Odds

• Shogun Rua: -350
• Brandon Vera: +290

Most oddsmakers and offshore sportsbooks are giving Rua a heavy edge in this fight. BetOnline Mobile has posted Rua at -350, while Vera clocks in as a +290 underdog currently. Rua opened at -290 odds, but he has been bet up steadily since.

These long odds reflect both the skill gap between these fighters, and the fact that Vera was a late replacement for the injured Thiago Silva. No fight’s a sure thing in the UFC, but this one is about as close one could possibly hope for.

Handicapping the Rua vs. Vera Fight

MMA bettors breaking down this fight are going to notice right away that Rua is a far more dynamic, and explosive, fighter than Vera. With 17 career knockouts he’s definitely got some power in his hands.

Shogun’s Pride fighting days helped him develop a solid stand up game and some devastating knee blow in the clinch. (Sadly, the UFC doesn’t allow head butts or soccer kicks like Pride did.)

Rua’s last bout, a loss by decision to Dan Henderson at UFC 139, showed that he’s still got plenty of fuel in his tank. Both fighters traded momentum through five rounds, but many in the MMA world thought it could have gone either way.

UFC bettors who are thinking of wagering on the underdog in Rua vs Vera should look at Rua’s solid striking against Henderson. It was a fearsome display and is going to cause plenty of problems for the aging Vera.

Expect to see plenty of Rua’s Muay Thai and kick boxing prowess on display in a bid to keep this fight up top. Shogun can definitely handle himself on the ground, but he definitely won’t be playing to Vera’s strength as a wrestler.

Make sure you pay close attention to the UFC betting odds at BetOnline Mobile. The odds have been fluctuating a lot and it’s likely that Rua’s odds will continue to increase before the fight on August 4th 2012.

Vera Has Seen Better Days in the UFC

Vera is one of those UFC fighters who came close to greatness, but could never quite seal the deal. He’s never performed well when it really counted and has been plagued by injuries the whole time. On top of that, his ability to land the big knockout blow like he did at the beginning of his career is severely diminished.

If he’s got any hope of upsetting Shogun, it’s definitely going to happen on the ground. Vera’s a top notch wrestler and is still in good enough physical condition to compete on the ground.

A bigger problem for Vera is that he’s not nearly as fast as he once was and he’s very vulnerable to the big blow. He barely squeaked out a decision against Eliot Marshal in at UFC 137, and nearly lost it all in final round. Getting challenged by Marshal (10-4) is not great preparation for a big card fight against Rua.

Why Shogun Will Win at UFC on FOX 4

Shogun Rua has seen his share of tough luck in the UFC, but he’s also shown a tremendous reserve of strength and dedication. He’s already served up revenge on two of the last fighters that handed him a loss (Forrest Griffin and Lyoto Machida) and fared well against Henderson, despite the loss.

It seems unlikely that Vera will be able to steer clear of Rua’s vicious knees and strikes long enough to grab the kind of takedowns he’ll need to win this one. There’s not much profit in a -350 favorite, but Rua vs Vera could be a rock solid leg on a UFC parlay card on August 4.

Remember, MMA bettors can use iPad sports betting apps to bet on UFC on FOX 4 bouts no matter where they are.

• UFC on FOX 4 Best Bet: Shogun ML at -350

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