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UFC 141 Mobile Betting Sites & Odds

Event: UFC 141
Where: MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
When: Friday, December 30, 2011

UFC 141 on Friday, December 30th marks the return of Brock Lesnar matched up against Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion Alistair Overeem. UFC President Dana White has already said that the winner of this match will be guaranteed a shot at the UFC Heavyweight title. But, you know this already, so lets get right into it and talk about the odds and the best mobile betting sites for UFC.

Why would we write an article specifically about mobile betting on UFC 141? Because most guys don’t realize they can bet on the fights while they watch it from a bar or their man cave. While your know-it-all buddies are making predictions as if they ‘know’ who’s going to win, you can put your money where your mouth is and show them who the real boss is. Or, you can lose all your money and look like a shmuck. Either way, betting on UFC fights is a lot of fun, and now we can do it from anywhere.

Although there are a lot of online sportsbooks that offer mobile betting now, some are good, and others are not. So, if you’re interested in learning how & where to bet on UFC 141 from your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, or any other mobile device, keep reading.

The registration & deposit process can be tedious from a mobile phone, so we recommend that new customers sign up & fund their new accounts from their computers instead of their phones. Register from your computer, then go to the sportsbook website from your mobile device. The software will detect the type of device you’re using and forward you to the appropriate version of their betting software. Login using the information you provided during registration, and you’ll be ready to make your first mobile wager.

Best Sites for Mobile Betting on UFC 141

A few things come into play when we’re ranking the best mobile betting sites for UFC mixed martial arts. First, obviously the site has to accept customers from the country you reside in. Secondly, we only recommend online sportsbooks that have a solid reputation for treating their customers right and financial security. Last, we want top-notch mobile betting software that quickly loads the latest odds, and is simple to wager on. There are some other things that matter as well, but those are the main things we’re looking for.

Best UFC Mobile Betting Sites for US Residents

If you’re located in the United States, the best UFC mobile betting sites are BetOnline and Bovada. Both have simple software that is customized for all of the most popular mobile phones & tablets, with early lines on UFC fights. With that said, BetOnline usually charges a lower vig on their money lines, but that doesn’t mean Bovada won’t have better odds on the fighter you;re interested in. For this reason, we recommend that serious UFC bettors register at both sites and compare odds before placing any bets.

If you weren’t aware, Bovada is the re-branded Bodog site for US residents. The site is operated by the same people who ran the Bodog site, and everything else is basically the same as well. The betting software is the same, and if you already had an account at Bodog, it was automatically transferred to Bovada earlier in December.

Best UFC Mobile Betting Sites for Outside the US

Most online bookmakers accept players from all over the world, minus the US. There are some exceptions to this, but this is the general idea.

For UFC punters outside the US and Australia, we recommend Bet365.com. Bet365 is a great all-around bookmaker, with betting software that is simple to navigate and wager on. They typically post their UFC betting odds weeks in advance of the event, giving sharp punters a chance to find some early value. They also have a full casino, racebook, poker room, and bingo site. Different kinds of bonuses are available for each type of gaming they offer, including no-deposit bingo bonuses and frequent reload bonuses.

For everyone outside the US, we also recommend Ladbrokes.com and PaddyPower.com. All three of these online bookmakers have excellent, constantly improving mobile betting software.

All of these books post early UFC lines with industry-standard vig. If you plan on betting on a lot of UFC fights and/or other sports, we recommend getting an account at each of these books to compare odds & get the best prices.

Complete UFC 141 Fight Card

UFC 141 Betting Odds

At the time this post is being written, odds are only available for four of the UFC 141 matchups. As different books adjust their odds or add new fights, we’ll update this article. We’ve posted odds in American format for BetOnline and Bovada since they accept US customers, and decimal odds for the non-US books. At each of these sites, odds can be viewed in your preferred format.

Lesnar vs. Overeem Betting Odds

BetOnline: Lesnar +125, Overeem -145
Bovada: Lesnar +115, Overeem -145
Bet365: Lesnar 2.25, Overeem 1.61
Ladbrokes: Not available
PaddyPower: Lesnar 2.20, Overeem 1.66

Diaz vs. Cerrone Betting Odds

BetOnline: Diaz +215, Cerrone -255
Bovada: Diaz +220, Cerrone -280
Bet365: Diaz 3.00, Cerrone 1.40
Ladbrokes: Not available
PaddyPower: Diaz 2.87, Cerrone 1.40

Fitch vs. Hendricks Betting Odds

BetOnline: Fitch -220, Hendricks +190
Bovada: Fitch -225, Hendricks +175
Bet365: Fitch 1.44, Hendricks 2.87
Ladbrokes: Not available
PaddyPower: Fitch 1.40, Hendricks 2.87

Matyushenko vs. Gustafsson

BetOnline: Matyushenko +280, Gustafsson -335
Bovada: Matyushenko +250, Gustafsson -325
Bet365: Matyushenko 3.50, Gustafsson 1.30
Ladbrokes: Matyushenko 3.40, Gustafsson 1.33
PaddyPower: Matyushenko 3.25, Gustafsson 1.33

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