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The Match 2020: Tiger vs. Phil II Predictions

Tiger Woods / Peyton Manning() @ Phil Mickelson / Tom Brady()

  • Where: Medalist Golf Club. Hobe Sound, Florida
  • When: May 24, 2020 3:00 pm EST
  • Moneyline: Woods/Manning (-225) vs. Mickelson/Brady (+170)

Phil vs. Tiger II PredictionsTune in this Sunday for “The Match 2020” (Tiger vs. Phil II). The rematch will be quite a bit different than the first head-to-head match in 2018.

For one, both PGA superstars will have a partner. Tiger Woods will team up with Peyton Manning, while Phil Mickelson will team up with Tom Brady, which will make this rematch more intriguing.

Mickelson may have won $9,000,000 (Unofficial) in the first match against Tiger, but this time around, everyone will be playing for charity. The event will raise at least $10,000,000 for COVID-19 relief.

Tiger vs. Phil II Format

It’s important to understand the Tiger vs. Phil II format before placing any bets.

The first nine holes will be played using the four-ball (best-ball) format. Each of the four players will play their own ball until holed with the lowest score winning the hole. Manning and Brady will both receive three handicap strokes during the front-nine; one on holes 3, 6 and 8.

The back-nine will use the modified alternate shot format. All four players will tee-off and then each team will pick the ball they want to play and then alternate shots until the ball is holed.

Scoring is simple. If a team wins a hole, they’ll receive one point, if tied, the hole is halved.

It should also be noted that Manning and Brady will be teeing off closer than the PGA pros.

Tiger vs. Phil II Betting Odds – Will Manning or Brady Win?

Bovada has priced up the golf match this Sunday and Woods/Manning are big favorites.

I’m a little surprised Woods and Manning are such big favorites in this type of event.

Sure, the Woods/Manning duo definitely have some edges. Firstly, this course (Medalist Golf Club), is Tiger’s home course. Mickelson hasn’t even played at this course before.

However, Mickelson seems game. He stated this week that “I can’t wait to go to Tiger’s place and take him down”. Mickelson and Brady are both ultra-competitive, so I expect a very close match.

The other edge that Woods/Manning will have is that Manning is slightly better than Brady.

Manning plays to a 6.4 handicap index, whereas Brady plays to a 8.1 handicap index.

I also feel it’s safe to assume that Manning will be in better form on the course than Brady. Manning is retired from the NFL and has had a lot more time than Brady to play golf.

Tiger/Manning vs. Mickelson/Brady Picks

In what’s likely to come down to the wire, take the plus money odds with Mickelson/Brady.

The TaylorMade Driving Relief skins match featuring Rory McIlroy / Dustin Johnson vs. Rickie Fowler / Matthew Wolff was this past weekend and the match required a tiebreaker after 18 holes.

Could we be in for another playoff on Sunday?

I believe there’s a good chance. At the very least, this match will come down to the wire. There are some definite edges for Woods/Manning, but in an 18-hole match like this, any team can win.

I’m interested to see the approach these teams take on the back-nine.

It seems the consensus is that having the pros take the approach shot would be ideal, which means playing the QBs’ drives off the tee. If one QB has a considerable edge off the tee, it could make a big difference on approach shots once the format switches to modified alternate shot.

What this match will likely come down to is what team can get hot quickly. They’re only going to be playing 18 holes. There isn’t a lot of room for error either. Missing a putt or two could be what ends up separating these two teams at the end of the day.

While I wouldn’t bet the bank, there’s value betting on the underdog here. If you’re going to watch the match, place a bet at Bovada and get up to a $250 bonus. I’m sure as we get closer to tee off, Bovada will also release some fun props for Tiger vs. Phil II.

It’s going to be great to see the rematch between Woods vs. Mickelson even though it’s going to be a bit different. Having two superstar QBs in the mix will only add to the entertainment. It’s also a good cause, as the proceeds from the event will go towards supporting coronavirus relief.

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