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Strange and Funny Prop Bets for Super Bowl 49

Every year sportsbooks post hundreds of strange and funny prop bets for the NFL Super Bowl. There are over 500+ Super Bowl prop bets available at the Bovada Sportsbook. I’ve done my best to identify the craziest props that you can bet on this weekend.

Where to Bet on Super Bowl Prop Bets in 2015

With 500+ prop bets at Bovada, you’re not going to find a better selection. Most of those aren’t “strange or funny”, but you’ll have a chance to bet on just about every aspect of the Super Bowl. Americans can bet at Bovada and everyone will earn a $250 bonus.

Craziest Super Bowl 49 Prop Bets

Well, it wouldn’t be the first or second time that he has grabbed his junk after scoring a TD, but smart money is on “No”. Lynch can afford the fine, but unless he breaks a long TD run that wins the Seahawks the Super Bowl I feel this prop is unlikely to hit.

The Patriots have been in the Super Bowl five times since 2002. Bill Belichick has worn a hoodie the last three Super Bowl games that he has been in. He wore red once (2008) and grey twice (2005 & 2012). If I were betting on this prop I’d take my chances on grey.

There are two trains of thought with this prop bet. Belichick is stoic and he won’t crack a smile until the end of the game if NE wins a close game. However, if the Patriots blowout the Seahawks somehow in Arizona he’ll be caught on camera smiling during the game.

To be honest, I don’t follow the markets on a daily basis and have no idea what will happen with this market. Now, if you follow the markets you can likely make some money here. Simply predict which way the Dow Jones will move on Monday, February 2nd 2015.

This over/under bet is on how many times “deflated” or “deflate” is said during the game excluding halftime. With how much media coverage this story has received I have a hunch this will go over or at the very least push. I’d be betting over 3 or avoiding this prop.

How likely is it that Katy Perry comes out on stage to start her halftime show in pants or shorts? Rather unlikely in my opinion. Smart money says she’ll be wearing a skirt or dress. With Perry you never know what you’re going to get, so definitely bet with caution.

Here is a total crapshoot of a prop bet that I wouldn’t recommend wagering on. Who knows what color the Gatorade will be. Blue is my favorite flavor, so I’d likely roll with that. This is one of those entertaining props that people love to bet on every Super Bowl.

This is another fun prop bet that casual fans love to bet on. They have a chance to win money before the first play of the game. Last year tails hit, but the previous five Super Bowl coin tosses landed on heads. I’m going to go with heads this year.

I really want to bet Seattle here, but I feel like Boston is the better bet, especially at plus money odds. Both cities love their football team. This prop bet will come down to how many casual fans tune in from each city and I give Boston the edge.

I’ve outlined just a few of the 2015 NFL Super Bowl prop bets that are available at Bovada this weekend. I hope everyone had a great season and that you enjoy the big game on Sunday. I can guarantee it’ll be more competitive than last year’s Super Bowl!

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