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Ravens vs. 49ers Money Line

Although most NFL fans and serious handicappers will be betting on the point spread in the Super Bowl, the money line can offer a better return. Of course this is all based on two obvious things. 1: You have to pick the winning team (straight-up), and 2: You have to find the best odds. Here are the latest Ravens vs. 49ers money line odds at three of our favorite online/mobile sportsbooks.

Super Bowl Money Line: Ravens vs. 49ers

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If you pick the winning team and find the best odds, there’s potential to turn a -110 win into something much more profitable. In some games, picking the favorite on the money line can be a smart bet. However, in a game where the spread is relatively close (like it is in this game), I don’t recommend betting the favorite. The reason is, with a spread in the range of -3.5 points, a money line bet says that you expect them to win by 3 or fewer points. That’s getting pretty specific, and you’re paying -160 versus -110 on the spread. In this case, it’s a better idea to give up the points in return for -110. So, I recommend staying away from the 49ers money line.

However, for the Ravens money line, this is a different story. As the Super Bowl underdogs, bettors can get as high as +160 (at JustBet) on them – much better than -110 on the point spread. Of course they have to win the game straight-up, but if they do, the payout is considerably higher.

Here’s the thing. This is the Super Bowl, and crazy things happen when emotions are this high. The Baltimore Ravens are a highly emotional team, especially with Ray Lewis leading the defense. In what will be his final NFL game, the Ravens (especially the defense) want to send Lewis off with a Super Bowl ring. I expect their very best this Sunday, and I don’t think the Ravens lose this game often enough to justify +160 on the money line. In fact, I think they win this game SU about 45% of the time, meaning the Ravens money line is giving us some nice value.

Here’s another reason I like the Ravens chances to win straight-up. Although Kaepernick has the ability to run and pick up yardage, experience (which also translates into intangibles) usually wins. The Ravens defense will be challenged for sure, but Kaepernick will be challenged by the Ravens defense as well. The Baltimore defense doesn’t sit on their heels waiting for mistakes – they look for opportunities to cause mistakes. In a game like this, one or two mistakes by Kaepernick could easily be the difference between a win or a loss.

My 49ers vs. Ravens Moneyline Pick

My Money Line Pick: Ravens +160 at the JustBet Sportsbook

For serious handicappers looking for the best value, we have to look at all of our options. When I look at the betting lines for the 2013 Super Bowl, this Ravens money line is the one that stands out to me.

If the Ravens money line was in the +140 range, I would stick to the point spread. At +160 however, I love this bet. The experience of the Ravens vs. a QB with 1/2 season under his belt in the Super Bowl? Even if you think the 49ers have a slight edge, +160 is too good to pass up.

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