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Online Super Bowl Betting

The 2013 Super Bowl is scheduled for Sunday, February 3, 2013, in New Orleans, LA. As of today, we’re still waiting for the Wild Card games to complete, so obviously we don’t have the matchup yet. When the Super Bowl teams have been determined, we’ll update this post with predictions for the game, plus the best online Super Bowl betting sites for point spreads, money line, over/under odds, prop bets, and more.

2013 Super Bowl: Online Betting Sites

For betting on the 2013 Super Bowl, the best online betting sites for you are primarily based on where you live. If you’re located in the United States, obviously you have to go to a US friendly sportsbook. Bettors outside of the US have more choices.

Online Super Bowl Betting for US Bettors

The best online betting sites for US bettors who want to wager on the 2012 Super Bowl are:

1/ BetOnline.com – Earliest Super Bowl betting odds, easy credit card deposit options.

2/ Bovada.lv – Best live betting & Super Bowl prop bets. Visa deposits accepted.

3/ JustBet.cx – Decent all-around sportsbook for US bettors. Focused almost 100% on US sports.

Online Super Bowl Betting for Outside the US

While there are online Super Bowl betting sites which focus on specific parts of the world, the following sites are great choices for anyone outside the United States.

1/ Bet365.com – Early Super Bowl markets, lots of prop bets, live betting. Very popular in the UK.

2/ Ladbrokes.com – Huge selection of Super Bowl bets, plus props & live betting. Top UK/European betting site.

3/ PaddyPower.com – Great all-around bookmaker, all types of NFL betting options. Popular everywhere.

This page will have lots of info for betting on the 2013 Super Bowl very soon. We’ll give you futures odds on the favorite NFL teams, and our prediction for the 2013 Super Bowl winner.

Previous Super Bowl Winners

The 2011-12 Super Bowl winner was the New York Giants who defeated the New England Patriots 21-17 at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. Eli Manning was the MVP. 30 second Super Bowl commercials cost $3.5 million.

Below is the article we wrote for the 2011 Super Bowl.

The 2011 Super Bowl is being played at the Cowboys Stadium in Texas on Sunday February 6th 2011. The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers are the two teams that made the Super Bowl this season and it should be a great battle between two defensive minded teams with above average offenses. While it’s always nice to have a high scoring Super Bowl game most of the signs are pointing to this game being a fairly low scoring game.

Below is information about the Super Bowl matchup, along with a prediction, and tips for online Super Bowl betting.

Offensive Analysis

Green Bay is going to be a pass first offense on Sunday like they’ve been all season long now. Aaron Rodgers has had a great year and if he could win a Super Bowl in Green Bay it’d be huge. The Packers only averaged 100.4 rushing YPG on the season and even though Starks has had a good postseason, I don’t see him having much of an impact during the Super Bowl.

Pittsburgh ranked out of the top 10 in all of the major offensive categories this season, but it didn’t matter that much due to the fact they have such a great defense. Big Ben put up solid numbers this season considering he missed the 1st four games, but he’s going to be tested against a very tough Packers passing defense.

Both teams are fairly even on offense and it should be interesting to see how everything plays out. The Steelers need to make sure they pressure Rodgers early and often while the Packers need to be careful of the run and deep ball.

Defensive Analysis

It doesn’t take a huge football fan to know that the Steelers and Packers have great defenses. Pittsburgh ranked 1st in the league with stopping the run and 12th in the league with stopping the pass. Green Bay on the other hand, ranked 5th in the league with stopping the pass and 18th stopping the run.

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers offense will need to try and find holes in the Steelers 12th ranked passing defense while the Steelers will need to try and move the ball downfield with a nice dose of Mendenhall. Big Ben will need to take some shots downfield, but he’ll need to watch out for interceptions. The Packers are great at intercepting the ball and already have 6 INT’s in their 3-playoff games so far.

The defensive battle is also fairly even in this game and it should be interesting to see who can execute the best. Green Bay needs to ensure they stack the box to prevent the running game from getting going early on. Pittsburgh on the other hand needs to watch out for the passing game of the Packers rather then the running game.

2012 Super Bowl Prediction & Online Betting

Once the 2012 Super Bowl matchups have been decided, this section will get updated.

Pittsburgh has more playoff experience then the Packers, as most of you should know, but that doesn’t always equate to a victory in the NFL. While the Steelers have more experience then the Packers, the Packers have the advantage of playing in an indoor stadium, as it’s more geared towards their passing game then the Steelers mix of running/passing.

Green Bay needs to get out to an early start and build up a lead so that it forces the Steelers to abandon their game plan and start passing the ball more often. Once the Packers can start to force the Steelers into throwing the ball more often, they’ll have a better chance at forcing turnovers and putting the Steelers into a bad situation.

• My Pick – Green Bay Packers –2.5 –110

Information about betting on the 2012 Super Bowl will be coming soon.