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NFL Week 2 Betting Lines

2012 NFL week 2 begins with an NFC North Division matchup on Thursday night between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers. In week 1, the Bears beat the Colts 41-21, and the Packers lost 30-22 against the 49ers. This game will be played in Green Bay, and kickoff is set for 8:20pm EST.

2012 NFL Week 2 Betting Lines: Point Spreads, Money Lines & Over/Under Odds

Thursday, Sept. 13th Odds from the BetOnline Sportsbook. US Bettors & Visa Deposits Welcome.
Time / TV
Money Line
8:20pm ET
Chicago Bears
@ Green Bay Packers
+5 -105
-5 -115
o49.5 -110
u49.5 -110
Sunday, Sept. 16th Odds from the BetOnline Sportsbook. US Bettors & Visa Deposits Welcome.
Time / TV
Money Line
1:00pm ET
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
@ New York Giants
+7.5 +100
-7.5 -120
o43.5 -110
u43.5 -110
1:00pm ET
Arizona Cardinals
@ New England Patriots
+14 -110
-14 -110
o48 -110
u48 -110
1:00pm ET
Minnesota Vikings
@ Indianapolis Colts
-1 -115
+1 -105
o44 -110
u44 -110
1:00pm ET
New Orleans Saints
@ Carolina Panthers
-2.5 -115
+2.5 -105
o50.5 -110
u50.5 -110
1:00pm ET
Kansas City Chiefs
@ Buffalo Bills
+3.5 -120
-3.5 +100
o45 -110
u45 -110
1:00pm ET
Baltimore Ravens
@ Philadelphia Eagles
+2 -110
-2 -110
1:00pm ET
Oakland Raiders
@ Miami Dolphins
-2 -120
+2 +100
1:00pm ET
Cleveland Browns
@ Cincinnati Bengals
+9 -125
-9 +105
1:00pm ET
Houston Texans
@ Jacksonville Jaguars
-7.5 -110
+7.5 -110
o41 -110
u41 -110
4:05pm ET
Dallas Cowboys
@ Seattle Seahawks
-3 -115
+3 -105
o41.5 -110
u41.5 -110
4:05pm ET
Washington Redskins
@ St. Louis Rams
-3 +100
+3 -120
o45.5 -110
u45.5 -110
4:25pm ET
Tennessee Titans
@ San Diego Chargers
+5.5 -110
-5.5 -110
4:25pm ET
New York Jets
@ Pittsburgh Steelers
+6 -110
-6 -110
o41.5 -110
u41.5 -110
8:20pm ET
Detroit Lions
@ San Francisco 49ers
+7 -115
-7 -105
o46 -110
u46 -110
Monday Night Football. Sept. 17th
Time / TV
Money Line
8:30pm ET
Denver Broncos
@ Atlanta Falcons
+3 +100
-3 -120
o51 -110
u51 -110

NFL Week 2: Games We’re Watching

For week 2, we’ve got a few duds, and few great matchups as well. However, this early in the season we’re interested in more than just the top matchups. We’ve got some exciting young players to watch, and some teams we’re trying to figure out. To be profitable, we have to get our learnin’ on, which means it’s time to find the surprises of the 2012-13 NFL season. Who’s going to be better than we thought, and who’s going to stink it up? The more we learn now, the more money we make down the road.

Washington Redskins at St. Louis Rams

Point Spread: Redskins -3 (+100), Rams +3 (-120) at BetOnline.com
Money Line: Redskins -150, Rams +130
Over/Under: 45.5 (-110)

Week 1 had a few surprising upsets, including RG3 and the Washington Redskins beating the New Orleans Saints 40-32 in New Orleans. RG3 looked like a seasoned veteran, completing 19/26 for 320 yards and 2 TD’s. He didn’t throw any picks, and added 42 rushing yards for good measure. Any QB would call this a great day, but for a rookie on his first regular season game against the Saints on the road, it was amazing. Washington fans have a lot to look forward to.

In week 2, the Redskins are on the road again, this time in St. Louis to take on the Rams. To their credit, the Rams covered the spread in week 1, losing a close 27-23 game against the Detroit Lions. Kickoff for this Redskins/Rams game is set for 4:05pm EST on Sunday.

Are the Redskins ready to compete in the NFC East? At the time of this writing (Monday the 10th), Washington comes in as -3 point favorites on the road. On paper, this is an interesting matchup. The Rams kept it close in Detroit last week, and this is their season opener at home. Nobody is expecting much of the Rams this year, but a win on Sunday against the Redskins could have us scratching our heads over both of these teams. If the Skins win it, especially a decisive win, how seriously do we take them moving forward?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New York Giants

Point Spread: Buccaneers +7.5 (+100), Giants -7.5 (-120) at BetOnline.com
Money Line: Buccaneers +320, Giants -380
Over/Under: 43.5 (-110)

The Buc’s sucked in 2011, going 4-12 during the regular season. In week 1 of the 2012 season they played the Panthers, winning 16-10 at home. Ok, it wasn’t a huge upset by any means, but the Buc’s got the win and covered the spread. That’s all we care about, and since we’re looking for surprises, Josh Freeman and the Buc’s are ones we’re watching.

Freeman threw 16/24 for 138 yards and 1 TD. Nothing spectacular, but he didn’t throw any picks either. Tampa Bay’s secondary picked off Cam Newton twice, and made few big hits. Rookie RB out of Boise State, Doug Martin had an impressive NFL debut with 95 yards on 24 carries. The Buccaneers ran for 130 yards and passed for 138. Those aren’t huge numbers, but a nice mix that can keep defenses guessing.

The Tampa Bay defense gave up 303 passing yards to Cam Newton, but only 10 yards rushing on 13 attempts. What makes this more impressive is that they knew Newton was going to pass the ball all night long, yet still held the Panthers to less than a yard per carry. We don’t expect the Bucs to win the NFC South by any means, but we could see some value on them if they continue to improve.

We’re also interested in this game to see how the Giants respond after their week 1 loss to the Cowboys. Like the Dallas game, this Buccaneers/Giants matchup is being played in New York. The Giants need to win this game because starting the 2012 season 0-2 with 2 home games behind them could make it a tough hole to dig out of.

The New York Giants have opened as -7.5 (-120) favorites at BetOnline, and it’ll be interesting to watch the lines move throughout the week. The New York fan base is huge, and I’d love to see them move to -8.5 or -9. If they do, I’m going with the Buccaneers and hoping they can build on their week 1 win.

NY Jets @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Point Spread: Jets +6 (-110), Steelers -6 (-110) at BetOnline.com
Money Line: Jets +235, Steelers -280
Over/Under: 41.5 (-110)

This could be a pivotal game for both teams. The Jets want to prove they’re a threat to the Patriots this season, and the Steelers need to get on track. The Jets had an impressive 48-28 win over the Bills in week 1, and a week 2 win in Pittsburgh would get the bandwagon rolling.

Mark Sanchez played the Bills like he had a fire lit up his ass (thank you Tim Tebow), and he needs to keep that chip on his shoulder. Was week 1 a fluke for the Jets offense, or can they sustain their week 1 play against the Steelers? Of course the Jets offense isn’t likely to have this kind of success against Pittsburgh, but even a squeeker win would be huge for them.

The Steelers open as -6.5 point favorites, but week 1 shows us that anything can happen. Peyton Manning and his no-huddle Broncos offense was highly effective against the Steelers D. Mark Sanchez isn’t as smart as Manning, and he won’t pick apart the Steelers D like Manning did either. However, it’s all about defense for the Jets. Of course Rex Ryan and the Jets defense are watching loads of film from the Broncos/Steelers game, looking for ways to limit Roethlisberger outside the pocket. If they can limit him the way the Broncos did, the Jets have a real shot in this game.

Looking ahead a bit, if the Jets win this week 2 game against the Steelers, then roll the Dolphins in week 3, we could see some extra value on the Niners in week 4. That is a home game for the Jets, and I’d love to get a couple extra points on the 49ers. Although it’s a few weeks away, I like the 49ers in that matchup right now. San Francisco plays at home against the Lions in week 2, then a road game against the Vikings in week 3.

If the Jets can find a way to beat the Steelers in week 2, both of these teams are likely to come into this week 4 matchup 3-0. Week 4 is stacked with big games, and everybody who likes to bet on the NFL will be betting this week. The betting action on the Jets vs. Niners would be massive, and should offer some different value early versus later in the week.

Denver Broncos at Atlanta Falcons: Monday Night Football

Point Spread: Broncos +3 (+100), Falcons -3 (-120) at BetOnline.com
Money Line: Broncos +150, Falcons -170
Over/Under: 51 (-110)

Both of these teams are interesting right now. How legit are the Denver Broncos? Are they worthy of 12/1 to win the Super Bowl? They look to have the offensive weapons they need, but is the defense ready to win a Championship? Von Miller, a healthy Elvis Dumervil, and Champ Bailey suggest they might be.

The addition of Von Miller has meant so much to this Broncos defense, giving them the ability to pressure the QB from both sides. Champ Bailey covers his side as good as anyone in the NFL, which means that Tracy Porter will continue to get challenged by every team. Porter had a very solid game against the Steelers in week 1, and will need to continue to play well. He lacks in the tackling department, and offenses are likely to go his direction for this reason alone. But, the Broncos defense played well against the agile Ben Roethlisberger, which was a huge statement for them. If this trend continues, the Broncos are a legitimate threat in 2012-13.

The Atlanta Falcons were 10-6 last year, making the playoffs as a Wild Card. In that Wild Card game, Atlanta got destroyed 24-2 against the eventual Super Bowl winning New York Giants. With a very good offense and continually improving Matt Ryan, this is a team looking to take a step forward in 2012-13.

Atlanta QB Matt Ryan had a very good week 1 game against the Kansas City Chiefs, but faces a bigger challenge in week 2 against this Broncos defense. Ryan went 23/31 for 299 yards and 3 TD’s without an interception. WR Julio Jones had a big game, catching 6 passes for 108 yards and 2 TD’s.

The Falcons running game wasn’t great, but effective enough to keep the Chiefs defense guessing. The Broncos rushing defense should be effective against the Falcons, putting the pressure on the Broncos secondary most of the day. The Broncos will have to defend a very good Falcons passing game, covering Jones, WR Roddy White, and TE Tony Gonzalez.

There are a number of interesting things going on in this game, and it’s one to watch in week 2. One of these teams will make a statement, and the other will take a disappointing loss. Either way, handicappers should keep an eye on this one, and use this game as a guideline for future matchups.

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