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Mobile Video Poker

Like mobile slots, almost every online casino now offers mobile video poker. Video poker and slot machines are very similar to video games, with a very basic user interface and simple rules. Video poker players are used to the touchscreen format, since most video poker machines in land-based casinos have already made the switch to touchscreen interfaces.

Because video poker is a hugely popular casino game, mobile casinos pay big attention to the video poker market, releasing more titles and variations for video poker than almost any other mobile game, besides slot machines. The variations available to mobile video poker players is among the best in the business, and the game ports to the iPad, iPhone, or Android-powered smartphones and tablets easily.

Real Money Mobile Video Poker Games

If you’ve ever played real money video poker at brick and mortar casinos or mobile gambling sites, you should find the game options for mobile video poker familiar. All of the most popular video poker titles are represented: Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Stud & Double-Down Stud, and many more video poker variants are already available on mobile casino gambling platforms, with new versions of the game appearing all the time.

Video poker’s rules allow for a huge collection of variants – games with specific wild cards, multi-hand varieties, and even video poker games with progressive jackpots are all available at most of the world’s mobile casinos. Video poker is big business for online casinos, as it is for traditional land-based gambling venues, so there is plenty of support for video poker played on mobile devices.

Pros & Cons

If you’ve never played a mobile casino game before, you’re missing out on the big advantage of using your smartphone or tablet to gamble – your mobile phone or iPad can go places where your bulky laptop or desktop computer can’t go. Playing video poker (for real money) during your boring commute is a good way to pass the time and potentially put a little extra spending cash in your pocket to boot.

As for the drawbacks of playing mobile video poker, there are few. The game translates very well to all mobile devices. The major difference between mobile video poker games depends mostly on the device you’re using. Some mobile devices, such as smaller Android-powered phones, simply don’t have the kind of display that video poker needs to look and perform at its best. Other devices, such as Apple’s iPad or iPhone, may be restricted from playing full-download versions of casino games, depending on where you live.

Best Apps & Devices for Video Poker

So what devices are ideal for mobile video poker? There are good and bad sides to all mobile devices when it comes to casino gambling. The good news is that no matter what sort of mobile phone or tablet you use (Nokia smartphones, Android-powered tablets, iPhones, etc.) you have some kind of access to mobile video poker play. Here’s a look at three popular mobile devices and the video poker options available to their owners.

Apple iPhone

Mobile casino customers from North America have to use the no-download, instant-play versions of video poker, rather than using an app. That doesn’t matter a lot though, because instant-play versions are getting better & better all the time. Although they lack the better graphics of the app versions, they still function well. Mobile video poker isn’t a graphically intensive game, so there isn’t much to be lost.

Mobile casinos also exist in instant play versions for customers who don’t have access to software downloads, and the trade-off is fairly even. Also, mobile video poker doesn’t take up any of your iPhone’s precious memory. As the iPhone’s display becomes larger and richer, mobile video poker looks and performs better and better.


Since Android software is used on a variety of different smartphones and tablets, the quality of your video poker mobile game on an Android device will vary. Android phones with smaller displays will obviously not be of the same quality of Android tablets with richer and more powerful screens. The quality of mobile video poker on your Android device depends on the capabilities and display size of your smartphone or tablet. On the plus side, Android hasn’t banned the use of apps for real money gambling, so Android users who want the best quality mobile video poker games can choose to download mobile casino software, providing games in a greater variety, with better graphics and sound effects. Again, downloading a mobile platform is a trade-off, asking you to give up space on your phone in exchange for higher-quality video poker games.

Apple iPad

The Apple iPad’s larger display and better screen resolution makes real money video poker on the device a bit more enjoyable than on the smaller iPhones. But, as with the iPhone, some Apple customers won’t have the option of downloading mobile casino software, and will have to depend instead on slightly lower-quality instant access games.


Since most Blackberry devices aren’t touch-screen yet, mobile video poker isn’t the easiest game to play on them. It’s not ‘difficult’, but it’s not as nice as using an iPhone, iPad, Android, or other mobile device with touch screen capabilities. If you’re using a Blackberry with a touch-screen, then you won’t have any issues.

The only problem is, a lot of mobile casinos have yet to create apps for Blackberry video poker. At most casinos you’ll need to play on the no-download, instant-play versions directly through your internet browser. Real money and play-money video poker games are available.


With the fast-growing popularity of the new Samsung Galaxy smartphones, of course the casinos want to get your business. Video poker apps are available for Samsung phones & tablets, and no-download versions are available as well. Samsung owners can play for free or real money on either versions.

As with most devices these days, Samsung owners need to decide between the video poker apps or instant-play versions. While apps tend to provide nicer graphics, video poker doesn’t require much graphically. These days, the instant-play versions function & look quite good, allowing customers to save memory on their phones & tablets. One thing we like about using the new Samsung Galaxy phones for mobile video poker is the large screens they have. This makes it real easy to see the cards & suits to make sure you’re holding & discarding the right cards.


Mobile video poker is already big business in parts of the world where mobile gambling has been around for years, and this game is gaining ground in newer mobile markets such as the United States. Available as a download or instant game, video poker translates well to most mobile device displays.