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Mobile Roulette

These days, if you own a smartphone or tablet, you’re used to being able to do pretty much anything you could with your traditional laptop or desktop computer. Mobile gambling was a natural step for the online casino industry, and roulette is one of the more popular games. But how well do mobile roulette games work?

Mobile Roulette Games & Functionality

Some mobile games don’t have the variety of options that roulette has. Part of the reason is that roulette is available in so many different varieties at traditional online and live casinos, so the game lends itself to mobile gambling.

Mobile roulette games aren’t much different than what you get at traditional online gambling sites. Roulette on large-screen devices like Android & iPhone smartphones or tablets looks and performs very similarly as it does on a computer. It’s also offered in the same popular game formats like American & European Roulette. Some mobile casinos also offer other variations like French Roulette, Multi-Wheel Roulette, Premier Roulette Diamond and more.

On smaller devices like flip-phones and Blackberrys, graphics are more limited, but the games still function the same and offer the same betting options. However, it’s easier to make bets on a phone with large touch-screens. Instead of using whatever type of toggle the phone has, players can choose their bet amount and touch the numbers or quadrants they want to bet on. This speeds up game play, giving players a chance to get more spins per hour. So, while roulette can be played on any type of internet-enabled device, it’s more ideal on a larger, touch-screen device.

Cellphone gambling isn’t kind to some casino classics, but mobile designers have generally done a good job of reproducing roulette in a smaller, lighter package than you get from a casino download version. Also, many mobile casinos offer their games in no-download instant versions, or downloadable apps. Instant-play versions are generally less graphic intensive & appealing to look at, but don’t take up memory on your mobile device. Mobile roulette apps eat up some memory, but the graphics are typically better. We generally recommend that people who have low-memory devices use the instant-play versions, while those with a lot of memory go ahead and get the apps. Also, if you’re someone who wants to play a lot of roulette but have a low-memory device, consider adding a memory booster or optimizer to your device. This will allow you to use the nicer apps instead of instant-play versions without the cost of replacing your mobile device.

For game variety, let’s use Bet365 Mobile Casino as an example. They offer four different varieties of roulette, including both American (double-zero) and European (single-zero) wheels. If you look at the Bet365 mobile roulette page, you’d think they only offer one roulette game, but this isn’t true. They only offer one downloadable roulette game, but three more instant-play versions as well. This is fairly common at a lot of mobile casinos, so it’s often best to visit their homepages and navigate to the ‘Games’ sections.

Real Money Mobile Roulette

If you’re like I am, you don’t understand the idea behind free gambling. If I’m going to play, I have to have something on the line. With that said, I don’t like to risk the mortgage payment either. That’s one of the reasons I prefer online & mobile gambling over live casinos. At most brick & mortar casinos the minimum bet amount is $1 or $2 per bet in roulette. At mobile casinos however, the minimum bet amount is usually $.25 – $1. So, we can get a lot more play for our money, without having to risk more than we’re comfortable with.

The only real downfall to playing real money mobile roulette games is the deposit process. Although mobile casinos have done a lot to simplify the process, it’s easier to make a deposit from a computer. The steps are easier to get through because full-size keyboards are easier to type from, and internet speeds are often faster on our computers as well. If you have a computer, we generally recommend using it to set up your account, and to make your deposits as well. If not, that’s ok, but don’t try to do it if you’re in a rush.

Different mobile casinos have different types of currency they accept. Of course you can deposit in almost any currency, but you’ll want to know the exchange rates before making a real money deposit.

Best Devices & Apps for Mobile Roulette

So which smartphone or tablet device is the best for playing mobile roulette? Based on things like how well the graphics ported to the smartphone-sized screen and how easy it was to download the casino to a tablet, we’ve looked at three popular ways to access mobile roulette games and put together a breakdown of the pros and cons of playing roulette on-the-go on them.

Apple iPhone

For players located outside the United States, most mobile casinos offer apps direct from their website or the Apple App Store. If you prefer, you can also play instant-play, no-download versions directly on the casino site.

For players in the US, Apple does not permit the marketing of gambling apps from their store. So, these apps have to come directly from the casino, or you’ll need to use instant-play versions located on the website. Although the graphics on instant-play versions aren’t quite as good as the apps tend to be, they don’t require any download or permanent memory usage from your mobile device.

In regards to playing experience, iPhones are great for mobile roulette games. The full-sized screens lend themselves to roulette which is typically designed wide & thin (just like your iPhone).

Apple iPad

On the iPad, or most of the medium-sized & larger tablets for that matter; mobile roulette doesn’t get any better. The huge screens make it the ideal way to play all mobile casino games, with excellent graphics and functionality. If you have an iPad and want to play roulette…stop reading this and go have some fun.


Around the world, Androids have become extremely popular amongst mobile gamblers. They have large screens and a growing reputation for excellent functionality. There is a huge variety of Android devices in the smartphone and tablet markets, and these days, many of them are great choices.

Android does not have the same US ban on gambling apps that Apple has. The result is that a large number of US friendly mobile casinos offer apps designed for Android devices.

Some of the most popular Android devices for mobile roulette include:

Acer Iconia TabletAsus Nexus 7Asus Eee PadAsus Transformer Pad
Archos TabletsDell Streak Dell Streak 7Dell Venue
HTC One VHTC One SHTC Jetstream TabletHTC EVO
HTC AmazeHTC RezoundHTC VividHTC Rhyme
T-Mobile myTouchHTC ThunderboltHTC Flyer TabletHTC Sensation
Droid IncredibleHTC Droid Incredible 2T-Mobile G2HTC Wildfire
HTC DesireHTC InspireKyocera RiseKyocera Hydro
Kyocera EchoSanyo ZioLG LucidLG Esteem
LG ConnectLG IgniteLG OptimusLG Axis
LG AllyDroid 3 & 4 by MotorolaDroid Razr by MotorolaDroid Razr MAXX by Motorola
Motorola XyboardMotorola PhotonMotorola Milestone XMotorola Xoom
Motorola AtrixMotorola BravoSamsung Galaxy S & SllSamsung Galaxy Attain
Samsung Galaxy NexusSamsung Galaxy NoteSamsung Galaxy TabSamsung Galaxy Admire
Nexus S from GoogleSamsung ShowcaseSamsing MesmerizeSamsung Transform
Samsung EpicSamsung InterceptSamsung VibrantSamsung Acclaim
Sony XperiaSony Ericsson XperiaToshiba Excite TabletsToshiba Thrive Tablets


With their smaller screen sizes and lack of touch screens, most Blackberry devices are less than idea for mobile roulette. However, the Blackberry Torch models and LTE Playbook tablets which now offer full-size touch screens are solid options. Although we can play on a Blackberry Bold or Curve, they aren’t the best choices.

Most mobile casinos offer instant-play roulette for Blackberrys, and a few offer apps as well. Although some of the instant-play versions are fine, apps specifically designed for Blackberry tend to fit these screens better. With the introduction of the Torch and Playbook tablets, we expect more mobile casinos to develop apps for these models in the near future.

In comparison to Android, iPhone, and other smartphones & tablets with larger screens, it can be more difficult to deposit via a Blackberry (with the exception of Torch & Playbook). The process is slower, and we highly recommend that Blackberry owners use their computers for the registration & deposit processes.


Nokia makes such a wide variety of mobile devices that we can’t generalize them as a good or bad choice for mobile roulette games. As a rule, the Nokia phones with larger screens are the best, and the smaller screens are less appealing. Some of the best Nokia smartphones for mobile roulette include:

– Nokia N8
– Nokia C5-03
– Nokia Lumia 710, 800, 900
– Nokia N9
– Nokia 808
– Nokia 700
– Nokia E7
– Nokia C7

The Future of Mobile Roulette Games

As long as iPads, Android phones, and other devices which have roulette games designed for them are popular, mobile roulette games will continue to improve. Look at the bustling market for smartphone gaming throughout Asia and Europe, and imagine if mobile gambling fever spread across the huge American gaming market with the same force. As of this writing, the big-name gambling sites all have smartphone and tablet apps for their games, so you should expect to have more options in terms of where you play your mobile roulette games.

As Apple iPhones, iPads, and Androids have become more popular, so has the idea of mobile phone apps and sites for mobile casino gambling. Your BlackBerry or Windows Phone or any of a long list of handheld pieces of technology is transformed into a casino on the go. In European and Asian markets, these smartphone and tablet casino apps and sites are already big business. Mobile roulette games have existed for a longer time in Japan and Finland, for example, than they have in the North American or Latin American markets. As the US smartphone and tablet market expands to include better technology, players in those markets should have easier access to play-anywhere roulette.

The widespread use of Nokia smartphones, Windows-powered tablets, and iPhones for real money casino gaming means most of the bigger online betting sites are now offering mobile platforms. Customers of Internet sportsbook and casino pages tend to be tech-savvy, young professionals with expendable cash, a group more likely than any other to own BlackBerry handhelds, iPads, and other tablets and phones which can handle mobile roulette games and casino software