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Mobile Blackjack

Mobile blackjack is graphically very simple, making it easy to see the cards and action of the game. While some games are easier to play on a full-screen device like an iPhone or Android, 21 is also very good on a Blackberry or other smartphones with small screens.

These days, real money blackjack apps can be found at most online casinos. To start playing, click or tap any of the app images below.

Real Money Mobile Blackjack Apps

  • Best UK / Europe Blackjack Apps
Bet365 Mobile Blackjack App Paddy Power Mobile Blackjack App Royal Vegas Mobile Blackjack App

Bet365 and Paddy Power have our highest rated blackjack apps for the UK and European regions. Want to play in your language (English, French, Swedish, Finnish, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, etc)? You can select your language upon joining either casino. Another benefit of playing at Bet365.com or Paddies is the currency options. Don’t want to bet in £GBP or €EUR? In most UK/Euro casinos you can bet in multiple other currencies including CZK, DKK, HUF, NOK, PLN and BGN.

  • Best USA Blackjack Apps
Bovada Blackjack App Drake Casino Blackjack App

The United States is behind other areas when it comes to mobile gambling, but you can still play mobile blackjack. The Bovada Casino is our first recommendation, based on their long history as a reputable online casino (formerly Bodog in the US). Drake is the other app we recommend, and they use the same software as Bovada. Both have excellent bonuses, quick payouts, and they only deal in $USD. Players can deposit and withdraw funds using Visa credit & debit cards (best choice at Bovada.lv), MasterCard, QuickCash, Western Union or MoneyGram.

  • Best Canadian Blackjack Apps
Bet365.com Blackjack App PaddyPower.com Blackjack App Royal Vegas Blackjack App

Do you live up north in Canada? Canadians love to gamble online and there are many blackjack apps to download. The two apps that we recommend both are available in English or French, and you can do your banking & betting in $CAD rather than $USD. The best method to fund your account at either mobile casino is your credit card or debit card (InstaDebit).

  • Best Australian / New Zealand Blackjack Apps
Royal Vegas Mobile Blackjack Apps Platinum Play Mobile Blackjack Apps

Australia and New Zealand are booming markets for online casinos. Aussies and Kiwis are taking their action online, and the casinos listed above are clearly the best. Royal Vegas and Platinum Play offer large bonuses to new players, and a variety of fun promotions (free and real money promos). Not only are the bonuses better at these casinos, but their game selections are better as well. If you want to play in $AUD or $NZD that’s no problem either. Both casinos offer Australian and New Zealand currencies.

Mobile Casino Deposit & Withdrawal Options

Although mobile gambling has come a long way in a relatively short time, it’s still easier to fund a real money account from a computer. On our computers, we have full-sized keyboards. This makes it a lot easier to fill out our credit card number, address, billing name, and any verification numbers (like Verified by Visa) that might be required. Also, our computers tend to have faster internet connections, and our stored passwords. Can we make real money deposits from our smartphones? Yes. Can we make it easier on ourselves by doing it through our computers instead? Yes.

Depending on the country you live in and the mobile casino you’re playing at will determine the real money deposit & withdrawal options available to you. In some parts of the world online gambling is fully legal, and these regions have the widest variety of deposit options. In other areas, no laws have been made either way (like most of the USA). In areas like this, the deposit & withdrawal options are more limited, yet simple.

Where online gambling laws have made it completely legal, the most popular ways to deposit are through various credit cards, debit cards, and ewallets. Visa, Mastercard, and other credit cards are very quick & simple ways to fund an account. The same can be said for ewallets like Neteller, Skrill (Moneybookers), POLi, eWalletXpress and others.

Although ewallets take a few minutes to set up, they also offer a nice benefit. For players who want to move real money around to different gambling sites, ewallets make it simple with just a few clicks of the mouse. If you want to play real money mobile blackjack at a few different sites, this is the easiest way to do it.

Online Casinos that Offer Mobile Blackjack

Virtually every online casino with a mobile app (or mobile version of their website) offers mobile blackjack. As such a popular game, this tends to be the first game every casino offers. Here are some of the differences in mobile blackjack from one casino to another:

  • Minimum & maximum bet amounts.
  • Graphics & usability (based on which software network they use).
  • Specific blackjack games that are offered.

Minimum & Maximum Bet Amounts

One of the reasons we prefer mobile blackjack over live blackjack is the minimum bet size. In most live casinos the minimum bet amount is $5, and some are now $10. At $10 a hand, an unlucky streak can wipe out a bank roll very quickly. However, most mobile blackjack apps have minimum bet amounts of just $1. Not only can we get a lot more play at $1 per hand, but we can also lower our bets during bad streaks.

Most casinos offer bet sizes as high as $500 – $1000 per hand. Since most live casinos now have minimum bet amounts of $5 – $10, a lot of people prefer to play at an online/mobile casino. In most mobile blackjack apps, players can play up to 3-5 hands at a time.

Also, there’s no dealer tipping when you play at a mobile casino. Over time, this alone can save players hundred or even thousands of dollars – obviously a huge benefit versus live 21.

Graphics & Usability

Bovada.lv Blackjack on an Apple iPhoneMobile blackjack games can typically be played through an app, or a mobile version of the casino (instant-play). Blackjack apps typically have better graphics than instant-play versions, but instant-play doesn’t require a download.

Blackjack apps generally come from the casino networks, not the casinos themselves. For example, anyone playing on an app that uses RTG software will have the same graphics as someone playing at a different casino that also uses RTG software.

Being a simple game, blackjack is easy to play on almost any type of phone. If you stick with any of the recommended casinos listed on this site, the graphics & functionality will be good.

Mobile 21 Games

As mentioned above, most mobile casinos begin with just the standard 21 game. Now that so many casinos have developed software for slots, roulette, craps and other games, we’re starting to see other 21 games being added as well. Some sites now offer a mixture of Pontoon, Spanish 21, Face Up 21, European Blackjack, Match Play 21, Perfect Pairs, Super 21 and Vegas Strip. A few are also beginning to offer tournaments.

In most blackjack apps, we can play alone or with other, real players. Of course there is a difference when you play with live people because they will often hit or stand when they shouldn’t, changing the cards you receive when you hit. This is the same as in a live casino, and everyone has their own preferences.

Comparing iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry & Other Smartphones for 21

Some games are better played on smartphones with large screens, but 21 isn’t one of them. A simple game without a lot of stuff going on, this game is just as easy to play on a smaller screen like you’ll find on Blackberry and other cell phones with small screens.

Apple iPhone, iPad, Android, and other cell phones with touch screens are nice, but not necessary. Also, the simplicity of the game means that blackjack is one of the better games for those with slower internet speeds. Most service providers now have 3G or 4G data speeds, and either of those work plenty well for mobile 21. If you’re playing graphic intensive slot games, this is more of an issue than it is with simple games like BJ.

Mobile 21 for iPad & Other Tablets

Although the large screens that tablets have make mobile gambling more fun, there are no other benefits versus playing on a smartphone. The graphics are the same, and so are the sounds effects. The real benefit is just the ability to see everything bigger, and the larger button sizes.

When comparing tablets for gambling, most mobile casinos are now compatible with most tablets. While a lot of casinos use software specifically for the iPad and/or Android tablets, generic versions of the site work well for other tablets as well. Other tablets that are popular for mobile gambling include Samsung Galaxy, Kindle Fire, Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet, Motorola Xoom, Blackberry Playbook, Dell Streak 7, HP Slate, Sony Tablet S, Asus Eee Pad Transformer, T-Mobile G-Slate, Toshiba Thrive, Acer Iconia Tab, Lenovo IdeaPad, and HTC Flyer.

What Happens if I Lose My Internet Connection While I’m Playing?

If you lose your internet connection while you’re playing, your game will not be affected. All casino games are saved on the casino servers, and your game will return to the exact spot it was at when your connection was lost. If you were about to hit when you lost your connection, you’ll be able to take that hit when you get back.

Selecting a Table

Players have a choice to play alone, or at tables with other live players. Most live casinos place a sign on a corner of the table, telling you the betting limits. At mobile casinos, the betting limits are located in the lobby instead. This makes it easy to find a game with the your preferred betting limits.

Payouts are also important when selecting a table. Look for tables that pay 3/2 on blackjacks and not 6/5. Most tables have a button players can click on to find the payouts.

Buying Chips Through an App

Once you’re ready to play for real money, of course you’ll need to make a deposit. Mobile casino apps usually have a deposit button located in the lobby, as well as every game. For example, if you sit down at any table game, you should see a ‘Deposit’ button somewhere on the table. This will take you to the cashier where real money deposits can be made.

Making Bets in 21

Once you’re sitting at a table and have your chips, you’ll need to decide how much you want to wager. You’re able to wager as much as you want assuming you have the chips available, and it’s within the table limits. Once you’ve placed a bet and the cards are coming out of the shoe you’re no longer able to change your mind or bet size and this includes touching your chips.

Once all players have made a bet, the dealer will start dealing the cards face up from your right until each player and the dealer all have two cards. The dealer will only be showing one of his two cards, so you won’t know the down card until it’s his turn to show it. When a dealer shows an ace or ten (10, J, Q, K), he will offer you the opportunity to buy insurance. If you so choose to accept it you need to pay him half of your table bet, which will cover you in case he does indeed have a blackjack in which it pays out 2 to 1. According to many blackjack books it’s never wise to bet insurance.

Choices You Have While Playing

Depending on the tables rules, players may have several options to choose from. This includes the obvious of hitting or standing, but also things like splitting, surrendering or doubling down.

Splitting pairs, including face cards and aces can be beneficial. For example if you are dealt a pair of eights, this can turn out to be a great hand. Yes, 16 is a bad hand, but if you decide to split them, according to the book, you have a much better chance of winning.

Doubling down, this can be your best friend or your worst enemy depending on how the cards lay. According to many blackjack books you should always double down on 10 or 11, assuming the dealer isn’t showing a face card or ace. Players can only double down after your first two cards are dealt.

Surrendering hands, I only recommend surrendering hands when you have a larger than normal bet out on the table and the dealer is showing a great card like an ace or face card. When you surrender you get half of your bet back.

Card Values

When you’re playing 21, obviously it’s very important to understand the card values. It can also help you to see the other players cards, to know how many face cards (or small cards, depending on the situation) have been dealt.

The Ace is worth either 1 point or 11 points, depending on what you choose. If you have an ace and a 6 your hand would be soft 17, or 7 and you would typically want to take a hit. All cards between 2 and 9 are worth the face value, and the 10 and face cards are all worth 10 each. The ultimate goal is to get as close to 21 as possible without going over. You need to remember however it does not hurt to stay on 12-15 if they dealer is showing a 6 or lower card, as there is a decent chance the dealer will bust and you will win.

When you get a 21 on your first two cards (ace and a 10 or face card) they call that a blackjack, and you’ll get an extra payout which varies from 3/2 to 6/5. If the dealer happens to be showing an ace, you can take a guaranteed win at even money or risk that the dealer does not have a blackjack. If the dealer has something other than a blackjack, then you would receive the full payout.


Some players get upset if you don’t hit or stand according to what they think is right. What you need to remember is you’re there to have fun and play your hand how you want to play it. Ignore people who want to dispute how you’re playing. It’s your money not theirs, and if they don’t like how slow you’re playing or how you’re playing your hands, they can always get up and go to another table.