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Mobile Bingo

Mobile bingo is exactly what it sounds like -a real money version of bingo available on your mobile device. This includes everything from Apple’s iPad to new smartphones and tablets that run on Android software, and even BlackBerry devices. Here’s an in-depth look at mobile bingo as it exists today.

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Real Money iOS & Android Bingo Apps

Paddy Power Mobile Bingo App

Paddy Power is the #1 bingo app on the market. The app is compatible on the iOS and Android OS, so it’ll work on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, HTC Sensation and Samsung Galaxy among many others. All three variations of the game are available on the app including 90-ball, 80-ball and 75-ball. There are also a range of other games on the app such as Bingo Scratch or Deal or No Deal.

Paddy Power Mobile Bingo is only available in two currencies (£GBP & €EUR). The site is in English only, but there are also two other versions (German & Spanish) that can be accessed upon registering a Paddy Power account. The benefit of playing here is that there are big bonuses and a great loyalty program (Paddy’s Star Rewards).

One downfall is that Paddies is restricted in many countries around the world. Paddies caters primarily to the UK and Irish regions. However, if you live in Sweden, Finland, Austria, Argentina, Brazil, Japan, India, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey or dozens of other countries you can play mobile bingo at Paddies.

The transition to mobile devices is a major switch for internet gamblers, used to laptops and computers that tend to have larger displays and offer more robust hardware. Mobile gaming is relatively new in some parts of the world, where smartphone and tablet gambling hasn’t quite caught on the way it has in some markets, most notably in places like Japan and Finland where mobile technology is advanced.

Mobile Bingo Games

The quality and variety of bingo games available to you depends mostly on your mobile device and its capabilities. Some mobile bingo platforms are identical to the games you’d find at online casino sites, offering the same quality of graphics you’re used to getting with traditional online games.

Other mobile devices have limitations that affect the quality of the game’s graphics, the game’s speed, and the variety of titles available for play. We’ve tested them all and only recommend the very best.

Pros and Cons

As with any mobile game, including traditional video games, the most obvious advantage to mobile bingo play, as opposed to games you play on your laptop or desktop computer, is the portability of your mobile device. In layman’s terms, you can take mobile games to places where your laptop or other computer can’t go such as when traveling, commuting on public transportation or any other time.

In cultures where smartphones and tablets have become a part of everyday life, people are used to doing all of their banking transactions, shopping, and just about any other chore using their mobile device. When gambling sites port bingo and other games to a mobile platform, they simply make games easier to access and available in places where it was once unavailable.

The biggest downside to playing on your iPhone, BlackBerry, or Android-powered phone is the same as with all other mobile gambling options: the quality of the game depends heavily on the abilities of your smartphone or tablet. Since Android phones, the iPhone, and various tablet computers have smaller brains than their heftier laptop and desktop cousins, limitations exist in terms of game variety, graphics quality, and user interface.

Best Devices for Mobile Bingo

With those limitations in mind, let’s take a look at how mobile bingo performs on three of the world’s most popular mobile platforms. Each has its own pros and cons; the good news is that you can play on any mobile device you own that is web-capable, though on some devices you may have to accept a lower quality game or some other lower-quality feature.

iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

With a new iPhone in the works, boasting a larger and more powerful display, the old complaints about iPhone gaming are going the way of the Dodo. But one major restriction exists for some iPhone customers; in the USA, and a handful of other countries, Apple disallows apps for real money gambling.

If you live in America or Canada and want to use your iPhone to play, you’ll have to play an instant play version of the game that has fewer features and generally looks a bit dumpier than download versions of casinos. On the other side of this argument – using instant play games saves room on your iPhone for other apps, photos, ringtones, and other data.


Android is generally more friendly to mobile gambling than Apple, though it’s important to remember that restriction against gambling apps only affects customers from a small handful of countries. The biggest benefit to playing mobile bingo on an Android-powered mobile device is the fact that you have the option of download a game to your phone or playing it in an instant-play version.

The choice is yours: download the software and gain access to a wider variety of better-looking games, or save space on your phone and settle for a slightly lower-quality game. As Android devices appear with larger and better displays, these mobile phones and tablets become better options for mobile users.


In the early days of mobile gaming, BlackBerry was at the back of the pack in terms of quality and variety. Now that BlackBerry has released its first line of fully touchscreen-capable smartphones and tablets, more and more online gaming providers are producing BlackBerry-specific versions of their games.

Though BlackBerry has a ways to go in terms of catching up with the competition in mobile gambling, BlackBerry users still have access to bingo on-the-go, and as BlackBerry’s technology improves, so does the quality of games available on their devices.

Mobile gambling was the logical next step for online casino developers looking for a new market. A large chunk of players own a smartphone or tablet, so it’s only natural that gaming providers would churn out a mobile version of this game for use on Android phones, iPads, and Nokia smartphones.