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Mobile Baccarat

Playing mobile baccarat is the perfect way to improve your live casino play, or just to have a good time. That’s because mobile baccarat apps allow players to play at their own pace, without having to worry about other players, excessive minimum bets, or overly speedy play.

Over the course of this guide you’ll learn everything you need to know about mobile baccarat games. Along the way we’ll cover everything from how to find the right baccarat app for your mobile devices to the best strategies for making a profit.

Best Real Money Baccarat Apps

At the following mobile casinos, players can play free or real money baccarat games. These are our favourite places to play:

1/ Bet365.com: (No U.S. Players). One of our favourite places for all of our gambling needs, Bet365 is a well-rounded, secure online & mobile gambling site. They have instant-play versions for all of their most popular games, which means that no apps need to be downloaded. Their instant-play games are compatible for Apple iPhone & iPad, Android, Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry, and most other mobile devices. They also offer a variety of apps for iOS and Android smartphones & tablets, for those who want an improved graphics experience.

High Stakes Mobile Baccarat

Baccarat is a very popular game for high stakes players. Some of the biggest whales can be found playing baccarat in Las Vegas, Macau, and other glamorous gambling cities around the world. Because of that, we wanted to give those players the best options on where to play

What Makes Baccarat a Good Fit for Mobile Play?

Experienced mobile gamblers know that not every casino game is a good fit for mobile play, especially if your portable device has a small screen.

That said, games involving just a few basic bets and not a lot of cards translate well to the mobile platform. With only three different bets and a maximum of six cards in play on any hand, baccarat is the perfect game for mobile players.

But just because the game itself works well on mobile doesn’t mean that all real money mobile baccarat apps are created equally.

We encourage gamblers to try out demo versions of baccarat apps on their devices before committing to real money gaming. There’s nothing more frustrating than sitting down for a few precious minutes of baccarat on the road, only to find that the version you’ve downloaded doesn’t look or play well on your mobile device.

When done correctly, a mobile baccarat app provides crisp graphics and smooth action – without a lot of lag time. Finding gambling software that works well on your mobile device doesn’t take very long and pays off in time spent gambling.

Baccarat Apps vs. Desktop Baccarat

Please note that there’s a big difference between desktop baccarat games and mobile baccarat apps.

Mobile baccarat apps are optimized to work well on smaller screens without giving up functionality or graphic quality. A native desktop application that’s been ported to the mobile space is usually going to lose some nuances when presented on the second format.

We’re not drawing any conclusions about desktop baccarat apps as a whole but the differences between native desktop and native mobile apps is clear to anyone who has used them.

How to Play

Because casino baccarat is generally played with six or eight decks of cards, it’s not something that most of us have ever played at home. Throw in the myriad of quirky casino baccarat customs that can be tricky to navigate and all of a sudden grabbing a chair and sitting down at a baccarat table becomes a very intimidating experience.

Underneath all those high rolling trappings, the basics of baccarat are very easy to master. In fact, if you’re comfortable playing mobile casino standards like blackjack and craps, picking up baccarat shouldn’t be tough at all.

The core elements of baccarat are the Player and the Bank. Each of these positions is dealt two cards and the hand that comes closest to nine is the winner. Aces-Nines are carry face values of 1-9 (just like blackjack); tens and face cards are valued at 0.

When the combined total of the two cards is greater than ten, ten is subtracted from the total. For example, if a player is dealt a 10 and 2 for a total of 12, the 10 is subtracted and the value of the hand becomes 2.

There are some pretty specific rules for when additional cards are dealt, which have a big impact on the game. We’ll get back to those later. For now, that’s all we need to know.

When everything else is stripped away, baccarat boils down to two basic bets, Player and Banker. (There’s also an absolutely terrible Tie bet, but it should be avoided at all costs.) Gamblers simply bet on which of those two hands they think is going to come closest to totaling nine.

Baccarat Betting

Unlike craps where players have dozens of bets to choose from, mobile baccarat players have just three positions to wager on player, banker and tie.

Player – Betting on the Player to win pays a straight 1:1 and has a 1.25% house edge. This isn’t usually the choice of experienced mobile baccarat players.

Tie – It wouldn’t really be gambling with a high risk/high reward bet like the Tie. This one pays off 8:1 and carries a whopping 15% house edge, so you’ll want to steer clear.

The Banker – By far the most popular bet on any baccarat table is the banker. In fact, many books on the subject advise players to bet on the banker exclusively. That because this bet carries a miserly house edge of just 1.06%.

Why does the banker offer a lower house advantage than the player? It goes back to the rules for drawing a third card we mentioned earlier are as follows:

• If both the banker and player hands total 8 or 9, no further cards are drawn.
• When the player total is 5 or less, he must draw another card. If his hand is higher than 5, he must stand.
• In those cases where the player stands and the banker are at 5 or less, an additional card is drawn based on the rules in the chart below.

It doesn’t sound like much, but these rules are enough to make the Banker a much better bet than the Player.

If you think you’re pulling one over on the casino while betting on the banker, think again. The house never gives up advantage without a price and the banker bet is no exception. Every time you win on this bet you have to pay off a 5% commission. Unlike land-based casino games, mobile baccarat apps deduct this commission directly from your account, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Some land players get so wrapped up in the game that they forget to pay the commission as they go. These folks are guaranteed an uncomfortable chat with the pit boss before they cough up the commission.


Baccarat is one of the few casino games where you’ll actually see players openly keeping score and taking notes. Land-based casinos have no problem with this and normally provide pens and scorecards for their players.

The advantage of scorekeeping is that it allows players to keep track of trends, while keeping an eye on their own bets.

Mobile baccarat players have the added advantage of having someone else to do the scorekeeping for them. Most mobile-friendly online casinos offer some sort of flash-based scorekeeping that automatically tracks how often the player, bank and tie bets pay off.

Remember, there are two distinctly different baccarat scorekeeping methods; standard and alternative.

In standard scoring players track wins in a two-column format that looks something like this:















According to this card, the player bet won the first hand; the banker won the next two; the player won the fourth hand; and so on.

Over the years another system evolved that used the same card, only it was turned on its side and the P’s and B’s are ignored. In this, the alternative method, streaks are recorded as follows:


p b p p b b p


p b b


p b








Alternative method scorecards are read top to bottom, and then left to right. The card above indicates that the first three hands went to the banker and so forth.

(In both methods, ties are indicated by a blank or circle.)

Of course you’re always free keep score in any way you like, but these are the main methods you’ll see used on mobile baccarat apps. We always recommend taking any mobile gaming app for a test drive before playing the real money version for exactly this reason. Alternate method players may not feel comfortable playing on a mobile baccarat app that uses a standard score card, and vice versa.

Scorekeeping programs are especially important to mobile players because tracking hands on the go is not always easy.

Advantages of Mobile Baccarat vs. Brick & Mortar Casinos

If you’ve ever been interested in playing baccarat at a land-based casino but were too intimidated by the atmosphere to give it a try, you’re not alone. These high rolling rooms are hardly the friendliest places in the casino, and the high limits are just the tip of the iceberg.

Baccarat players are among the quirkiest, most superstitious gamblers in any casino. To get an idea of how rigid and structured baccarat players can be, just flip open any book on the subject. You’ll notice right away that the first chapter normally covers etiquette and may not even mention the mechanics of the game at all.

The good news for mobile baccarat players is that none of these issues are a factor when you’re playing from the comfort of your own home, or park, or cubicle.

Mobile players are free to learn the game at their own pace without worrying about offending other players. Playing on your own on a tablet or smart phone gives you plenty of time to evaluate each hand while developing your own unique style of play. (Picking up the finer points of baccarat room etiquette is a lot easier when you’re already comfortable playing the game.)

And when you’re playing mobile baccarat, you’ll always be starting a full, fresh shoe. As you’ll see, that’s a critical component for long term baccarat success.

Baccarat Strategies

Playing baccarat from your mobile device also gives you an opportunity to develop and test out baccarat strategies you’ve read about or developed yourself. There are about as many of these systems out there as there are players playing them.

We strongly discourage anyone from following, or developing, systems that promise sky high returns because baccarat (mobile, desktop or casino-based) simply doesn’t work that way.

If a person really stumbled on an easy, sure fire method for beating baccarat, they wouldn’t get to use it very long. Casinos of all kinds quickly adapt their rules to account for any advantage players have that the casinos don’t want them to have. So if your systems works at all, it probably won’t work for very long.

Shoes vs. Hands

No matter what type of system you’re using to find baccarat success, you need to keep in mind that this is a game for long range thinkers. Remember that the average shoe is loaded with six or eight decks of cards. That means every time you sit down you’re facing off against as many as 416 cards.

For any baccarat strategy to have a reasonable chance of succeeding, you need to analyze it in terms of whole shoes, and not just a few hands. Yes, you’ll want to capitalize on short term winning streaks, but you’ll never be able to identify real streaks if you’re thinking in terms of hands and not shoes.

Serious baccarat players look at their gaming sessions as marathons, rather than sprints, and that’s why the shoe is their standard unit of measurement. After you’ve been playing the game for a while, you’ll be able to easily identify the sweet spot in the shoe where the value lies. In this way, and many others, baccarat is very similar to another popular mobile game; blackjack.

How Baccarat is Like Blackjack

Success in baccarat requires the same skills and, many of the same strategies, as success in another popular casino game; blackjack. Both games offer tactical players some very low house edge bets.

Mobile blackjack players are also likely to appreciate mobile baccarat’s quick play and relatively small number of cards. This isn’t like Texas Hold ‘Em where you’re tracking a number of cards and making a lot of decisions.

Baccarat players use a fixed strategy that doesn’t vary much from hand to hand. In many ways, playing baccarat is like playing a game of blackjack where basic strategy is enforced on every hand. It may not sound all that exciting to someone who’s never played the game, but it’s plenty fun and effective, too.

Casino Baccarat Apps

No matter what casino game you’re playing, you’ll want to play it at the most reliable online casino you can find.

We encourage all mobile baccarat players to shop around to find the sites that are offering the best deposit bonuses and ongoing customer service. With so many gambling sites to choose from, you just don’t need to settle for one that isn’t responsive or is stingy with the bonuses. It is, in many ways, a real players’ market out there.

There’s no shortage of honest online casino review sites out there that rate practically every site out there. Researching casinos takes just a few minutes, so there’s no excuse for not doing it.

One thing that mobile players need to be very aware of when selecting a casino site is how they’ll be depositing their funds. Some sites require players to log in from a desktop in order to make deposits. This is done for security purposes, but it’s not always convenient to find a desktop connection when you’re ready to deposit. (That’s why you’re on mobile in the first place!)

Final Thoughts on Mobile Baccarat Games

Mobile baccarat play is the perfect place for both developing and fine tuning baccarat strategies and skills. Gamblers can bet as much, or as little, as they like without worrying about the stuffy atmosphere at land-based baccarat rooms. The more you play, the more often you’ll be able to spot those quality shoes, and take full advantage of them.