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Best MLB Betting Sites – Baseball Betting Apps iOS/Android

MAJOR League Baseball (MLB) betting is a grind and your experience is dependent on where you bet.

Common sense dictates bettors should join a reputable baseball sportsbook that pays out quickly. While that’s important – the biggest factor in joining an MLB betting site is the juice (Vig). Ensuring you get the best odds is imperative to winning long term.

Our team at MobileSportsBetting are all avid handicappers and have bet at many reputable MLB bookies.

After compiling our editors’ scores together we have come up with four of the best MLB betting sites that are leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. The sportsbooks below accept US bettors and several are open to international bettors too. We’ll explain the benefits of joining each of the bookies.

Where to bet on MLB – Top baseball sportsbooks

Betting lines, types of markets, safety, security and bonuses are all factors ranked in our reviews. The top baseball sportsbooks are Bovada, BetOnline, MyBookie and SportsBetting. Let me explain why you need to join each of these betting sites if you’re serious about betting on baseball.

Bet on MLB at Bovada.lv

Bovada Sportsbook

Full Review: Bovada.lv review

Bonus: 50% free bet for up to $250 on first deposits.

Dime Line: Yes – although only on game day.

Overnight Line: Yes – although ML bets have a $0.20 line.

Bovada offers up all of the baseball betting markets that anyone could want, including money lines, run lines, over/under, team run totals, alternate spreads, parlays, futures and various props. Some of the special markets include the 1st 5 innings – a market that eliminates the bullpen from the equation.

Bovada is mobile-friendly, plus the bookie offers in-play betting for every MLB game.

The maximum betting limits range from $200 (MLB player props) to $1000 (MLB money lines).

Having dime lines only available on game day is a downside because you can’t bet the openers at Bovada unless you bet into a $0.20 line. However, with the fastest payouts in the industry and a great selection of MLB markets – you won’t find a better sportsbook.

A lot of US-facing sportsbooks have terrible wait times on payouts and even depositing can be tricky. Bovada has the best banking for handicappers living in the United States. The fees can add up, although there is one free check payout available per month.

BetOnline Sportsbook

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Bonus: 50% sign-up bonus for up to $2500 + 25% lifetime bonus for up to $1,000 per deposit.

Dime Line: Yes – from the moment the money line markets open.

Overnight Line: Yes – BetOnline is often the first sportsbook to open MLB markets.

BetOnline is open to bettors around the world. BOL caters to handicappers of all levels – whether you bet $1/game or $1000/game. If you’re a fan of bonuses you won’t find a better MLB betting site, as BetOnline offers a 25% bonus on every deposit.

The betting limits are huge and the highest you’ll find in the US market. Bettors can wager up to $10,000 on money lines, $5,000 on run lines and totals, plus $500 on props, futures and alternate markets.

MLB bet types at BetOnline include straight bets, parlay, round robin, if bets and reverse bets.

You need an account at BOL to jump on the openers. MLB openers move quickly, but if you get on the right side of the movement you’ll end up doing well. Place wagers on your computer, laptop, smart phone or tablet at BOL as long as you have the Internet.

Wager on all of the common baseball markets (money line, runline, over/under), 1st 5 inning markets, 1st inning markets, player props, World Series markets and more.

SportsBetting.ag Sportsbook

Full Review: SportsBetting.ag Review

Bonus: 75% bonus for up to $1000 (Code: NEW1000)

Dime Line: Yes (Up to -194)

Overnight Line: Yes

SportsBetting is arguably the best MLB bookie for sports bettors because they offer dime lines all the way up to -194, which is way better than the majority of the competition. Dime lines start on Opening Day and run through the World Series, but you won’t be able to bet dime lines during Spring Training.

The betting limits are huge for MLB at this sportsbook too. You can bet $10,000 on money lines, $5000 on runlines, $5000 on full game over/under bets and $1000 on team totals. All in-play MLB bets have a $1000 wagering limit, which is higher than the competition.

Limits aren’t hard either, after you bet the limit, you can re-bet into the same market again.

SportsBetting.ag offers a lot of baseball prop bets during the regular season and playoffs. Prior to the season starting there are lots of futures too, including player performance futures, World Series futures, regular season win totals and more.

With baseball running all summer long, you’re not going to be by your computer to place bets all of the time. SportsBetting.ag is entirely compatible on smartphones and tablets without downloading or installing anything. Just follow the link above on your mobile device.

MyBookie.ag Sportsbook

Full Review: MyBookie.ag Review

Bonus: 50% for up to $3000

Dime Line: Yes

Overnight Line: Yes

MyBookie isn’t going to beat the three online sportsbooks ranked above when it comes to MLB betting. While MyBookie offers similar features, including dime lines up to about -185 and overnight lines, they also have some restrictions that will prevent sharps from having a good experience.

The minimum bet is higher than the other bookies at $10, although that shouldn’t be a hurdle for most baseball handicappers. However, the maximum bet is $1000 on the major markets like money lines and totals (over/under), which is low Limits are even lower for alternative markrts, such as baseball props.

MyBookie aims to attract casual bettors and they won’t no part of any sharp action.

This means your account may be limited if you show them you’re sharp and beating the closing lines. This is why we rank them fourth on our list. One reason to join them, though, is the massive sign-up bonus, which is also easy to clear. The rollover varies based on the size of your first deposit.

Bettors will experience a lot of baseball betting markets at MyBookie. They cover a wide range of props and futures and they also offer all of the typical bets you’d expect from an MLB bookie. They even offer live MLB betting, but only during commercial breaks.

Comparing baseball betting lines

I want to explain why handicappers need to bet into the best odds.

The standard line for most sports is $0.20, which means two evenly matched teams would be priced at –110/–110 in the money line market. When betting into a $0.20 MLB line a bettor has to win 52.38% of their wagers to breakeven.

In baseball, the best bookmakers offer a dime line rather than the standard line. A dime line is $0.10, which means two even teams would be priced at –105/–105 ML odds. The breakeven win percentage when betting into a dime line is 51.22%.

Let’s look at an example of how the small change in percentages can make a huge difference.

For this example, we have two bettors that have placed a $100 bet on 1000 games. One bettor placed his bets at –110 and the other bettor placed his bets at –105 odds. For the sake of simplicity – both bettors hit 55% of their bets during the season.

Bettor #1: Won 550 games ($100 * 550 = $55,500) + Lost 450 games ($110 * 450 = $49,500) = $6000 Profit

Bettor #2: Won 550 games ($100 * 500 = $55,500) + Lost 450 games ($105 * 450 = $47,250) = $8250 Profit

Dime lines are common enough in the industry that a handicapper should never be betting into a worse baseball line. One of the reasons why bettors lose more often than they win is because they don’t focus on the details, such as getting the best odds and taking advantage of betting offers from the sportsbooks.

What do the best baseball sportsbooks have in common?

First off, our rated baseball betting sites provide a safe experience for bettors looking to wager online — regardless of your country of residence. I don’t know about you, but I rank getting paid in a timely manner highly — slow payouts are a deal breaker.

Poor odds are another deal breaker, especially when so many competitors have dime lines. You’ll be spoiled with betting options at the two MLB sportsbooks reviewed above, but most small betting shops are unable to offer many popular markets.

Here’s a list of questions I answer when joining an MLB betting site:

  • Does the sportsbook offer dime lines?
  • Does the sportsbook offer overnight lines?
  • What banking methods can I use and what are the fees?
  • How long do payouts take to initiate and receive?
  • Are 1st 5 innings and 1st inning MLB markets available?
  • Is mobile betting and live betting available?
  • What are the betting limits for the MLB markets?
  • How much can be earned in sign-up bonuses and promotions?

Best MLB sportsbooks for live betting (in-play)

Baseball is built for live betting and online sportsbooks know this. There are lots of live baseball betting markets available. You can bet on full game markets, including adjusted money lines, runlines, totals, winning margin and various props, such as the over/under on hits in a game.

The real action happens a lot quicker than that, though. Bookies post markets on every plate appearance. You can wager in-play on the next batter getting a hit or striking out. At Bovada, the next batter market includes single, double or triple (one bet), home run, walk or hit by pitch, strikeout, ground out or fly out. With so many options, the payout odds are a lot juicer.

Live bookies also post 1/2 inning markets, such as how many strikeouts a pitcher will throw during a 1/2 inning or how many runs will be scored during the 1/2 inning. Live betting baseball markets are expansive and will keep you busy for an entire game.

Bovada has the best UI for betting on baseball in-play. They have a designated section on their website just for live betting that shows all of the games currently in-play and those scheduled to go in-play that day. Every MLB game will have in-play betting open at Bovada.

BetOnline is also recommended for live bettors, especially those that enjoy betting high limits. BetOnline allows bettors to wager up to $1000 per bet in-play, which is massive for in-play markets. At most bookies you’re lucky to get down a $100 in-play and then if you win, you’ll be limited quickly.

Live betting requires a lot of luck in baseball, so bankroll management is even more imperative. Predicting whether the next batter will hit a single or ground out is impossible and you’re simply gambling, so keep this in mind when betting these markets. Live betting can be profitable if you focus on full game markets and take advantage of swings in the odds, but that requires a lot of experience. Full game markets move a lot in-play and you can get a lot of value on money lines, runlines and totals by betting live.