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Mississippi State vs. Alabama Betting Lines

Game: #11 Mississippi State Bulldogs (7-0, 5-2 ATS) vs #1 Alabama Crimson Tide (7-0, 4-3 ATS)
Kickoff: 8:30pm EST. October 27, 2012
Location: Bryant-Denny Stadium. Tuscaloosa, AL

US Friendly
+24 (-110)
-24 (-110)
o46 (-110)
u46 (-110)
US Friendly
+24 (-110)
-24 (-110)

Experienced college football bettors find mid-season SEC match up like this week’s Mississippi State vs. Alabama game tough to resist, and with good reason. Besides the sheer quality of football on display, upsets are not uncommon and those deep south defenses can keep things very interesting.

Both the Bulldogs and the Tide are undefeated coming into this battle. That makes this a game with very high stakes for mighty ‘Bama and the upstart Bulldogs (remember, Mississippi State wasn’t even ranked until just a few weeks ago).

Let’s take a look at the latest Mississippi State vs. Alabama betting lines.

Mississippi State Betting Lines and Analysis

Best Mississippi State Point Spread: +24 (-110) at BetOnline.com
Best Mississippi State Money Line: N/A

Not many people guessed it at the beginning of the season, but Mississippi State is one of the best teams in the SEC right now (thank you Auburn and Arkansas). They’re just one win away from their best start since 1999, but they’ve got a huge, crimson-colored obstacle standing in their way.

Bettors who are wondering how the Bulldogs can possibly take on the Tide should take a look at the super strong State offense. Junior QB Tyler Russell (122-203, 1573 yds, 15 TD’s, 1 INT) is no AJ McCarran, but he’s close. In fact, he’s throwing an average of 239 yards/game and McCarran is only averaging 229. Russell is accurate, fast, and plays well under pressure – all attributes he’ll need on Saturday.

Mississippi State also brings a decent running game to the matchup this weekend. Junior RB LaDarius Perkins (125 carries, 724 yards, 8 TD’s) can definitely be counted on to keep Miss St’s play calling options open.

Defensively, Mississippi St. matches up surprisingly well with their big-time counterparts. They’re only giving up around 9 points per game, against a schedule that isn’t much easier than what the Tide has faced (aside from Michigan).

If Mississippi can play the same game they’ve played all season, they can definitely keep this close or even, hold your breath, pull off the upset.

Alabama Betting Lines and Analysis

Best Alabama Point Spread: -24 (-110) at BetOnline.com
Best Alabama Money Line: N/A

Alabama has easily earned their #1 ranking with dominating play this season, but Mississippi is the first ranked opponent they’ve faced since week 1 (!). Still, they’ve got a ridiculously good QB in AJ McCarran (106-154, 1476 yds, 16 TD’s, 0 INT), and a ton of depth. They are however, entering the toughest stretch of their season thus far.

In the next three weeks, Alabama will face three ranked opponents, including #6 LSU and #20 Texas A&M. Unlike a lot of teams, Alabama cannot afford a single loss, so you know they’re not looking past Mississippi State.

The Tide’s recipe for success on Saturday is the same mandate for the Bulldogs; play like they’ve been playing all season. They’ve got a top-ranked defense that’s only giving up 8 ppg and are extremely disciplined on the field.

It’s hard to quantify the quality of this year’s Tide. There are only a few teams that can hope to compete with them, and while the Bulldogs have a shot, if the Tide pull ahead early, this one will be all Crimson.

Mississippi State vs. Alabama Point Spread

Big SEC games like this are tough to handicap because the quality of play is so high. Bettors need to watch out for lines that are driven by an overconfident betting public that doesn’t give Mississippi St. the credit they deserve.

There’s a good reason why Alabama is 7-0 SU and just 4-3 ATS, and that’s the old betting public. They love those big numbers that come up when ‘Bama takes on soft opponents. But when two, solid SEC teams face off, blowouts are rarely in the picture. I think that the Bulldogs will wind up giving the Tide a game, and asking Alabama to cover 24 points is too much. Take Mississippi State and root for a defensive battle.

My pick is Mississippi State +24 (-110) at BetOnline.com.

Mississippi St. vs. Alabama Over/Under

At the time I’m writing this (Thursday at 3:00pm EST), the Mississippi St. vs. Alabama over/under is 46 (-110) on both sides at BetOnline.com.

As a rule of thumb, I generally take the under when quality SEC teams meet up (remember last year’s 9-6 OT LSU/Bama game?). Mississippi State is outgunned by Alabama, but not so much that this will be a blowout. Mississippi St. is 1-5 on the over/under in their last 6 games, while Alabama is 4-3 on the year. I think this will be a low-scoring affair, something in the 27-10 to 33-13 range, giving us more winning unders.

Miss. St. vs. Alabama Money Line

Alabama is on a hunt to win back-to-back BCS crowns this year and that makes every game a must-win. They’re more than prepared to take on Miss. St. and should see this one as a nice warmup for the challenges ahead. Don’t write off the upset completely, but don’t be afraid to acknowledge the inevitability of a Tide win this weekend.

With all of that said, none of the major betting sites have posted Mississippi State vs. Alabama money lines anyway. With a point spread of 24, I doubt any will offer a money line at all. Take Miss. St. +24 and hope they can hang.

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