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Michael Phelps 2012 Olympic Predictions

Michael Phelps is absolutely the best swimmer in the world, and he’s going to look to prove that once again on the Olympic stage. This year though, he’ll be in for some tough competition with quite a few swimmers looking in top form. Bettors can bet on the 2012 Olympics swimming events using BetOnline Mobile or Paddy Power Mobile.

Lochte may not be as much of a “household name” as Phelps is, but he actually won both of the world titles this year. It’s important to note that Lochte and Phelps are going to be head-to-head in two events this year, the 200M freestyle and the 200M individual medley.

Enough about Lochte vs. Phelps though. Remember back in 2008 when Phelps went 8 for 8 in gold medals, and it was one of the most incredible moments in the history of the Summer Olympics? He also did this by taking part in 17 races over nine days. Now though, let’s take a look at what we should expect from Phelps in the 2012 Summer Olympics in terms of gold medal potential.

Events Where Phelps Takes Gold at the 2012 Olympics

Looking over the events, I notice a few events that stand out to me that I think Phelps will take down the gold medal. The first is the 4x100M Freestyle Relay that will put the United States up against some tough competition. Their toughest test is going to be the Australian team, but I think that the combination of Phelps, Lochte, Nathan Adrian, and Cullen Jones will be enough to win it.

The 200M Butterfly will give Phelps about a day and a half of rest, which will spell trouble for the competition. This one has the potential to be one of the most impressive races for Phelps at the Olympics and will bring his total up to two gold medals by July 31st.

After this, I love Phelps to get another gold in the 4x200M Freestyle Relay, mainly due to the fact that the United States hasn’t lost this event since back in 2003. They have the one-two punch of Phelps and Lochte teaming up once again.

Phelps will win his fourth gold medal in what should be the most exciting event of them all, the 200M Individual Medley. The reason for this is because it is Lochte vs. Phelps here, and Lochte actually beat Phelps back at the 2011 World Championships. It’ll be a close one, but I like Phelps to win the gold by a small stretch.

The 100M Butterfly will be an event to watch, as Phelps incredibly won this event barely back in 2004, and then did it again in 2008 beating Milorad Cavic by only 0.01 second. This is one of those races that Phelps simply gets the job done at. I actually think it’s the event that he has the most likely shot to only win a silver medal at as well, but I’m still taking him to win the gold.

That equals up to five gold medals, but I think that Phelps gets one more gold at the 4x100M Medley Relay. The United States has never lost this event at the Olympics, and with Phelps teaming up with Nathan Adrian again, Matt Grevern and Brendan Hansen, I think that he’ll get his sixth gold medal and leave the 2012 Olympics with a bang. Wager on how many gold medals Phelps will win at the 2012 Olympics at one of our highest rated mobile sports betting apps.

Prediction of Total Gold Medals for Michael Phelps: 6

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