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Live Betting

Live betting has become one of the most popular ways to bet on sports in the past few years. Betting on live sports puts your analytical skills to the test and only the smartest handicappers survive. Live betting may also be referred to as in-game, or in-play betting depending upon where you reside. Our 1st step in this guide is to teach bettors what live betting entails.

Best Live Betting Site for US Bettors

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What is Live Betting?

A live bet or in-play bet is any wager that is placed after the event has already started. Bettors can wager on the same markets that they can wager on before the event starts including money lines, point spreads and game totals. However, there are also a number of live betting markets that can only be offered by bookmakers once the sporting event has started.

The majority of sports can be wagered on live using your computer or mobile device. This means that you could be watching a soccer match live at the stadium while betting on the same match live on your iPhone, Android or Blackberry. The in-play prop betting markets are the most exciting live bets, but generally are also the least profitable due to variance.

Certain sports differ in how you can bet on the odds in-play and I’ll explain what I mean. In sports like football (soccer) you don’t have too many stoppages and therefore the in-play odds can be bet continuously unless there is a goal or injury. In sports such as the NFL bettors can only bet on the live betting markets during stoppages, as the odds fluctuate after each play.

I’m not going to cover too much betting strategy in this article, but I want to touch on live betting odds. The juice on in-play betting odds is often high and therefore difficult to beat consistently. Your main goal when live betting should be to find the markets that overreact to certain situations, which I’ll explain in our in-depth sport specific live betting guides.

What Sports Can I Place In-Play Bets On?

Not every sport can be wagered on in-play, but most sports today have live betting markets at the top bookmakers. The full list of sports that you can bet on in-game is expansive. Some of the most popular sports to bet on live are football, baseball, golf, tennis, horse racing, basketball, cricket, horse racing, hockey, rugby and auto racing.

With football (soccer) for instance, there are generally 20+ live betting markets to wager on. You can bet in-play on the outcome of a match, goal total, Asian handicap, next/last team to score, correct score, number of cards/corners and more. In the US the most popular sports to wager on in-play is MLB due to the huge range of props bets that you can wager on.

The most profitable MLB markets to wager on in-play include the money line and run total. However, there are many other types of in-running MLB bets including 3-way handicaps, plate appearance props, ½ inning props and full inning props. Betting on one plate appearance isn’t something most bettors have success with over the long-run, but you won’t find a more exciting bet.

Tennis is another market with huge in-play betting action that constantly moves the betting lines. In tennis you can bet on more live betting markets than most sports due to the back-and-forth nature of the sport. Bookmakers offer live odds on the winner of the match, exact game/set score, point/game/set betting, over/under on aces and plenty of other bet types.

In some sports such as NASCAR, F1, Hockey and American Football (NCAAF & NFL) there aren’t too many ways to bet on in-play markets at bookmakers other than on the same bets you can make before the event starts. Sports traders use in-play odds for these sports to hedge their bets and to lock-in profits without waiting for the full result.

You can also find great middling opportunities using live betting odds. Let’s say you bet on the Phoenix Suns at -5 to win their game in the NBA against the Memphis Grizzlies. In the 3rd quarter the Suns are up 15 points and the in-play odds have the Suns set as a -13.5 favourite. You could middle by betting the Grizzlies at +13.5 and have the chance to cash two bets.

Live Betting on Your Mobile Device

Many bookmakers now have in-play betting available on their mobile betting apps. Bovada Mobile is the leader in the in-play betting markets and that’s because of their expansive range of sports plus the fact they have the best live streaming. As long as your mobile device is compatible with the app you can use the live betting platform.

However, the best mobile devices or tablets to use include Apple iOS or Android devices. Several bookmakers offer live streaming now to punters on their mobile betting apps, but only if you have an iPhone, iPad or Android. The sports you can watch and wager on while on your cell phone include football (soccer), tennis, basketball, snooker, cricket, darts and volleyball.