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iPhone Cricket Betting

All of the biggest online bookies offer betting apps for the Apple iPhone. Any type of bet you can make from your computer can also be made from your phone, while you watch the match from the stands or at your local pub. The question is, what are the best mobile bookies for iPhone cricket betting?

Best Cricket Betting Apps for iPhone Users

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1/ Bet365.com: Bet365 has been around forever, and offers dozens of markets for almost every match. They offer betting on every major cricket league in the world, and they have an excellent betting app for iPhone users. The app is clean, easy to read & navigate, and runs smoothly without crashing. They update their iPhone app fairly often, keeping up with the software on your iPhone. The app is also secure, using the latest encryption technology to keep your funds safe from hackers. Live cricket betting is also available from their iPhone app.

2/ PaddyPower.com: PaddyPower comes in a very close second, and some punters even prefer them over Bet365. Both of these cricket betting apps are excellent and it comes down to personal preference more than anything else. Paddy Power also offers all of the same wagers from their app as they do from a computer, and they also have a huge selection of markets. They’re a massive online & mobile bookie who uses the latest technology for keeping player funds secure. Smart punters will open accounts at both of these mobile bookmakers and compare odds for the best prices.

Advantages of iPhone Cricket Betting

Whether you’re new to cricket betting or you can recite Indian Premier League statistics in your sleep, iPhone cricket betting offers a reliable, easy way to get your bets in.

Apple iPhones are well regarded for their crisp, clear picture, and that high-end picture quality shines through on betting apps. If the app you’re using doesn’t live up to the high graphic standard iPhone users have come to expect, it’s time to move on (after all, the Retina Display is probably one of the reasons you selected the iPhone in the first place).

iPhone users with a decent internet connection can make their bets very quickly. The best iPhone betting apps load fast, with security features that keep funds safe from hackers.

Mobile is Perfect for International Bettors

Part of cricket’s massive appeal is that it’s truly an international sport. Thanks to the rise of mobile technology and high-speed Internet, expats across the planet can now closely follow their favorite teams, no matter what time zone their match is in.

This is great news for Indians who are working in the UK and USA, who may be stuck in their office cubicles during matches between arch rivals India and Pakistan. A quality iPhone cricket betting app allows expats to keep tabs on current odds, scores, and everything they need to follow their favorite IPL teams.

Making Deposits from an Apple iPhone

Between the Internet, smart phones and tablets, the world seems to be getting smaller every day. This is great news for sports bettors because they’ve got the opportunity to deposit money in their own currency and place bets with sportsbooks that may be located across the planet.

This means that Indian expats can draw rupees from their bank accounts at home to place cricket wagers and it can all be done from their iPhones.

Not every bookmaker is willing to accept deposits in foreign currencies but they are definitely out there. Bet365 is one that not only accepts real money Indian Rupee Cricket wagers, they also offer top odds on all big matches, too.

The days of unwieldy, and expensive, currency transfers through traditional banks are long gone thanks to the Internet. Anyone with an account with Neteller, or one of the many other payment processors that work with online sportsbooks, can easily move funds from their bank account to their

Types of Cricket Bets

Cricket punters can place all the same wagers as their counterparts at land-based betting parlors and few, which I’ll get into in a moment, that aren’t available at the ticket window.

The iPhone betting app from Paddy Power, for example, gives punters access to a full slate of pre-match betting options including:

  • Top Batsman
  • Top Bowler
  • Runs in 1st Over
  • Team of Top Batsmen
  • Man of Match
  • Winning Team

Just remember that most cricket wagers are Draw No Bet, which means that option to bet on a draw is not available at all. This changes the odds slightly, though it’s a pretty standard practice that should be familiar to long-time cricket bettors.

Apple iPhone Live (In-Play) Cricket Betting

One of the really nice features about the iPhone is that its beefy processor makes it the perfect mobile device for in-play cricket betting. Bet365, and other large sportsbooks, offer a number of in-play wagering options such as:

  • Total Team Runs
  • Player Runs
  • Session Runs for Test Matches
  • Method of Next Dismissal
  • And a whole lot more.

Bet365 also offers a number of live streaming options that allow live bettors to watch the action directly from their iPhones.

In-play betting is fast paced, fun and requires a real head for numbers. It’s not for everyone, but if you’re a serious cricket fan, this can add another interesting element to your wagering sessions.

Is My iPhone Mobile Betting Compatible?

For better or worse, Apple is a company that’s always updating their products. Unfortunately, they don’t always provide as much support for older iPhones as iPhone owners would like to see. That’s why anyone who is really interested in iPhone cricket betting should take some time to make certain that their iPhone is indeed compatible with the gaming apps at their favorite sportsbook.

Downloading iPhone Cricket Betting Apps

Because Apple has already sold over 73 million iPhones, most major sports betting sites offer iOS optimized betting apps that can be downloaded directly from their websites.

If you’re starting from a desktop PC, you’ll find that established bookmakers like Bet365 normally have a Mobile Betting tab that houses all of their mobile apps. These site often place all of their betting apps on one page, whether it’s designed for the iPhone, Blackberry or Android handsets.

Of course all of your iPhone apps get downloaded from the Apple Apps Store, but you should still spend some time reading the Mobile Betting FAQs from whatever sportsbooks you’re wagering with.


iPhone cricket betting not only allows punters to add a new dimension to their past time, it also removes the headache of having to find a desktop computer when you want to bet right now. And because the iPhone offers some of the best graphics in the mobile world, the action is going to look pretty good, too.