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iPad Sports Betting

Bovada iPad AppsAlthough the competition is heating up, the Apple iPad is still the most popular tablet on the market. For the most part, every online bookmaker that offers mobile sports betting is iPad compatible. Actually, these days, compatibility isn’t much of an issue anymore because most betting sites have switched to simple downloads that no longer use Java or WAP, meaning virtually any mobile device is compatible.

The real benefit of the iPad tablet is clear – the large screen size. If you’re a punter trying to figure out what mobile device to purchase, and sports betting is a key element to your decision, there’s no denying that the iPad is the best choice. With that said, any smartphone using a full-size screen work well with today’s betting software.

Highest Rated iPad Betting Apps (No US Punters)

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Top Rated iPad Sportsbook for USA

Bovada.lv iPad Sports AppThe Bovada Sportsbook is the best choice for US handicappers using an Apple iPad for sports betting. The app is slick, fast, and simple to use. Beyond a huge selection of betting options for popular US sports like NFL, NCAA basketball & football, MLB, NHL, UFC and golf, they also offer everything you’d expect on a European focused sportsbook. If you like to bet on international soccer, cricket, rugby, tennis, Formula 1, and less popular sports, Bovada is definitely the right place for you. Bovada accepts Visa credit cards from US bettors, but not Mastercard or Amex.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any other apps we recommend for American bettors.

Apps for All-in-One Gambling

Most all-in-one online gambling sites that offer iPad sports betting also offer some other forms of mobile gambling. For example, most online casinos that have iPad sports betting will also have some variety of mobile bingo, blackjack, slots, craps, and other games. Every casino is different though, so if you have a particular game you like to play, check out the casino website to make sure it’s offered for iPad users.

In 2014 and beyond, expect more gambling sites to expand into the mobile market. 2012 and 2013 were huge years for growth for this market, and 2014 should be even bigger. Every all-in-one gambling site knows they must have versions of their sites available for iPad and other mobile devices. As the world continues to swap their cheaper cell phones for smartphones, more people are looking to play real money casino games on them.

You Might Also be Asking:

Question: Is an iPad better than an iPhone for sports betting?

Answer: Yes, if you prefer a larger screen size. From an internet standpoint, the speeds should be the same. But, it’s harder to take an iPad on a date and sneak it off to the bathroom. If size is an issue, you’ll prefer sports betting on an iPhone.

Question: Can I use an iPad for live betting?

Answer: Yes, in fact, the large touchscreen makes it optimal for live betting because it’s easier to hit the bet you want before it vanishes. Live betting happens fast, so this is the ideal alternative to a laptop or desktop computer.

Question: Does Apple allow betting on sports?

Answer: Well, Apple doesn’t make laws, so it’s up to your country. Whatever laws your country has apply to any mobile device you’re using. Even in countries where Apple has a ban on apps, mobile bookies are creating home screen buttons which lead to the iOS version of their websites.

Question: I want to place wagers from my iPad, where do I start?

Answer: Tap on any of the app buttons higher on this page. They will automatically forward you to the iPad app download pages.