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Hawaii vs USC Betting Lines

What: Hawaii vs. USC NCAA Football
When: Saturday, September 1, 2012
Where: Los Angeles Coliseum, Los Angeles, CA

NCAA football bettors are chomping at the bit to see if the top-ranked, sanction-free USC Trojans can live up to expectations. They’ve got a great a chance to put on a show when the Hawaii Warriors visit LA for their season opener. Scroll down this page for the latest Hawaii vs. USC point spread, money line, and over/under odds. We also have our free picks towards the bottom of this article.

Video: Norm Chow Press Conference on Game Against USC

Latest Hawaii Warriors vs USC Trojans Betting Lines

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Money Line
Money Line
+42 (-110)
-42 (-110)
o63 (-110)
u63 (-110)
+42 (-110)
-42 (-110)
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This game sounds like easy money, but don’t be surprised to see Trojan fans driving the point spread into the stratosphere. There’s no doubt USC will come out on top, but by how much is highly debatable. How long will the USC 1st string play? How far will they run it up? The USC offense will need to start the game polished to cover the -42 point spread. USC isn’t known for their mercy, but I doubt Lane Kiffin will keep the Heisman Trophy favorite in after the score gets out of reach. Remember, this is a long season and a Barkley injury would make Kiffin look like a fool (not that it’s stopped him before).

Hawaii vs. USC Live Betting

In this Hawaii vs. USC game, live betting might be the best action we’ll get, and as ridiculous as it might sound – possibly some of the best value as well. Collecting mediocre wins on USC first downs could be the way to go here, but we’ll have to keep an eye on the odds. If USC QB Matt Barkley and a number of starters are taken out of the game, value is likely to go down. USC fans will continue to bet on USC, but bettors should be looking at who’s on the field. If the odds don’t reflect the players on the field, get out with your early wins and call it a day.

#1 Ranked USC Trojans

USC is ready to rumble after being ineligible for postseason play last year. QB Matt Barkley (308-446, 3528 yds, 39 TDs, 7 INT) stuck around for his senior year and won’t want to go away empty handed.

Despite the sanctions, or maybe because of them, USC had a great season last year going 10-2 (8-4 ATS). After a slow start, they burst into form and wound up the season with an average of 35.8 points a game. They put up forty or more points four times and are bringing back a ton of great starters.

USC is stacked with great receivers including junior WR Robert Woods (111, 1292 yds, 15 TDs) and sophomore Marqise Lee (73, 1143 yds, 11 TDs). Expect to see Barkley hitting these two plenty on Saturday.

Defensively, USC has shown they can shut down average Joes, but have been challenged when dealing with more skilled teams. Last season they played only two ranked teams (#4 Stanford and #4 Oregon) and gave up an average of 45 points/per game in those bouts. It’s not something that should factor today, but watch for it as the season progresses.

University of Hawaii Outgunned

The University of Hawaii is in the unenviable position of playing against the #1 ranked team in NCAA football with both a new coach and a new QB. In short, it’s not going to be a good season for them. There’s no way they’re going to beat the USC Trojans, but asking them to lose by 42+ is a tall order, even for USC.

They’re 0-7 against USC and the Trojans margin of victory in those matchups is around 35 points (not 42+!). Their new head coach Norm Chow was an offensive coordinator at USC for a few years, but that was long before the Lane Kiffin era.

For bettors, the big question is whether or not the Trojans can stay ahead by 42+ by the end of the game. We know that BCS contenders aren’t shy about running up the score, but it may not be Kiffin’s style against an opponent like this. In 2011, they won just one game by a margin this large, a 50-0 drubbing of arch-rival UCLA. Against UCLA, that’s a whole different desire to destroy.

It won’t be easy, but if Hawaii knocks off a couple touchdowns and a field goal, USC’s chances of winning by 42+ get pretty slim.

Our Hawaii vs. USC Picks

The straight up winner in this tilt is obviously USC, but we’re not so sure they’ll cover the point spread. So we’re taking Hawaii +42 (-110) on the spread. The Hawaii vs. USC money line hasn’t been posted yet, and may not be at all. The money line could get so ridiculous that none of the US books want to take the risk (as slim as it might be).

At the time this article is being written, the Hawaii vs. USC over/under is 63 (-110) on either side. The key to the over/under is Hawaii. USC will get their points, but what will Hawaii do? Since this is the first game of the season, we’re going to hope USC comes out strong, putting points on the board early. If they do, we could see Barkley and the USC starters give way to the 2nd string, and possibly giving Hawaii a few more chances. We’re taking the over, and keeping our fingers crossed.

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