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Golden State vs Utah – NBA Playoff Series Outcome and Live Bets

Utah Jazz(55-34) @ Golden State Warriors(71-15)

  • Where: Oracle Arena. Oakland, CA
  • When: May 2, 2017 10:30 pm EST
  • Spread: (Game 1) Warriors -13.5 (-110) vs Jazz +13.5 (-110)
  • Moneyline: (Series price) Warriors (-3000) vs Jazz (+1500)
  • Over / Under: Over 207 (-110) vs Under 207 (-110)

Of all the sounds heard during the upcoming Golden State Warriors vs. Utah Jazz playoff series, you can bet that this vibration will be often among them:

“Steee-pheeeeennnnnn Cuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrry!”

Likely followed by: “For threeeeeeeeeee!”

Bookies aren’t offering too many prop wagers on Curry’s shooting percentage or marksmanship from beyond the arc in the upcoming best-of-seven. Maybe that’s because there is no point – whatever the diminutive baller is expected to do, he usually surpasses.

But that doesn’t mean there’s a lack of fun setups for betting on the NBA quarters. Along with the usual “series price” future, the match-up of talented Beehive State underdog against the star-studded, top-seeded Warriors will be rife with interesting prop opportunities no matter which way the early games go.

New to NBA betting? Buckle up. There are many value opportunities in playing best-of-seven odds, but forethought and timing are a must when laying down units in midst of a playoff war.

Exactly what chances do the Jazz have?

If you are like most pundits, you don’t think Golden State is seriously threatened in this series. That makes betting at either side’s price a turn-off – Utah is unsavory because they can’t win, and the cagers from Oakland don’t promise much payoff at mega-minus money line odds.

But that’s where a devilishly fun “Exact Series Outcome” bet comes in. Suppose you think the Jazz will steal a lone home game. A series-outcome wager of Warriors-in-five carries odds of only (+140), but pick Warriors-in-six instead and you’ve got a nice potential payoff at (+550).

To win a game, let alone a series against Golden State, an opponent has to either bedevil the fantastic shooting tandem of Curry and Klay Thompson while finding some way to make Durant uncomfortable, or get one of its best two-way players hot on offense and defense, leading to easy buckets and clutch answers. Preferably, both at once.

The Jazz team defense was decent against the Clippers when it needed to be, and the team offers three physical shot-blockers in 7’1″ Rudy Gobert, Boris Diaw and Derrick Favors. They could punish a sloppy or tired Oakland team inside, but who will step up running the floor and making plays?

Gordon Hayward is at peak form, averaging 23 points and seven rebounds. But the player to watch could be 30 year-old George Hill in the backcourt, finally coming into his own after a steady but unremarkable career.

Green light for Golden State

The Jazz will want to slow down the pace, especially in California. The Warriors’ challenge is to make that tactic defeat itself by getting ahead early – in games and in the series.

To do that against a strong, stubborn half-court opponent means only one thing – confident passing and shooting. Golden State shot the ball about as well as any NBA team ever could against Portland in Game 4, with four out of five starters well above 50% from the field. Curry was a blazing 7-of-11 from beyond the arc, and Andre Iguodala added five assists off the bench.

But if Utah manages to rattle Curry, Durant and Thompson from the field, Draymond Green will step to the forefront. Green is a Defensive Player of the Year candidate who can knock down jumpers and out-play the Jazz on both sides of the court.

Two promising bets – and a live bet

Steve Kerr will not hesitate to think big-picture if any of his stars are banged up in Game 1 or Game 2. In fact, Utah’s best chance to steal a game or two will be if the Warriors get off to a hot start with an overwhelming team effort, and then secretly feel that they can afford to lose a game. That means that an exact-series wager on Warriors-in-six could prove more valuable than banking on an Oakland sweep.

For the same reason, a wager on the underdog in any of their home games could hold value, especially if Golden State is two or more games up in the series. Kerr wants to win the best-of comfortably, but conserve his best players’ bodies through the early legs of the marathon – just as a prudent NCAA Tournament coach would.

Finally, Game 1 could present a nice in-play opportunity at halftime. The one advantage the visiting Jazz have on Tuesday night is that of being warm to the task – the Warriors could freeze early, enjoy rare, substantial money line odds on the in-play, then come roaring back in the second half.

Don’t pay the price – play the odds

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Golden State’s cool, efficient style and lack of interest in killing themselves in Round 2 makes the series outcomes of a favorite’s sweep, Warriors-in-five and Warriors-in-six comparable.

Yes, Game 5 is scheduled to take place in Oakland. But if there’s a lull for the Cali kids in this series, it comes in Games 3, 4 and 5 after a breezy start. And only one of the three bets offers excellent payout odds at (+550). Warriors to win in six games is the play.

Meanwhile, if stuck in a groaning pro-Golden State bar with Curry clanging the rim in the first half of Game 1, keep your head and lay down a juicy live bet on the home team to light it up and pull away in the fourth quarter.

Kurt BoyerThis article was written by Kurt Boyer

A freelance sportswriter from Missouri, Kurt has covered court, gridiron, rink and ring for 10+ years. He muses about High School football on social media as The Gridiron Geek.

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