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Best annual futures bets

FUTURES bets provide sports fans with the ability to bet on markets ending in the distant future rather than a single game.

Not everyone has time to handicap sports games every night. A single futures bet can provide months of entertainment and more importantly – a futures bet made early in the season or prior to a season starting can potentially payout handsomely.

Most popular futures bets in North America

Futures bets are extremely popular in the United States and Canada. Each year millions are wagered in the best futures markets.

NFL Super Bowl: The Super Bowl is the championship game in the NFL – held annually in February. It’s the most popular sports event in North America and third in the world. NFL Super Bowl futures are available year-round and the odds fluctuate regularly.

NBA futures bettingNBA Finals: The NBA continues to grow in popularity around the world. Each NBA season culminates with the NBA Finals – a 7-game championship series between the winner of the Eastern Conference and Western Conference.

MLB World Series: Baseball is still America’s sport and millions of fans watch MLB every year. At the end of the regular season and playoffs, the two pennant winners (American League & National League) battle it out in the World Series (7-game series).

NHL Stanley Cup: While hockey is extremely popular in Canada – it’s also popular in the USA and across Europe. The Stanley Cup is a 7-game championship series and futures markets on what team will win the Stanley Cup are available all year long.

College Football Playoff National Championship: Last year, college football switched to a 4-team playoff format to determine which team would be crowned National Champions. Futures on the National Championship Game are available most of the year.

March Madness: The NCAA basketball tournament runs from March to April every year. The top 68 teams are put into a bracket and play in a single elimination tourney. The winner of the tournament is crowned the National Champions in college basketball.

NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship: The final ten races of the NASCAR season are known as the “Chase”. A total of 16 drivers qualify for the Chase, but only four drivers contend in the Sprint Cup Championship (final race) to determine the Sprint Cup champion.

Triple Crown Futures Betting: In the USA, the Triple Crown in horse racing consists of the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes. The Derby is by far the most popular horse race in the USA and futures markets open up months prior to the race.

Betting on a team to win the championship in their respective league is the most popular type of futures bet.

However, there are several other types of futures bets that have become more popular. For example, in the big four sports in NA (NFL, NBA, MLB & NHL), bettors can wager on regular season win totals, division winners, conference winners and more.

Most popular futures bets around the world

If you’re a football (soccer) fan there are plenty of futures bets available, including the following:

English Premier League Champions: The champion of the EPL is the team that finishes with the most points at the end of the season – there are no playoffs like in most American sports. Premier League futures open up months before a new campaign starts.

FIFA World Cup: Easily the most popular soccer tournament – the FIFA World Cup is hosted every four years. Qualifying nations play in the World Cup to determine what country reigns supreme and there are dozens of FIFA World Cup futures markets available.

UEFA Champions League and Europa League: The Champions League and Europa League are two popular football competitions in Europe hosted annually. The Champions League is more prestigious than the Europa League, although both are very popular.

All football competitions have futures markets available on what team or country will win. Some of the other popular competitions are Copa America, Copa Libertadores, Africa Cup of Nations, FA Cup, Confederations Cup and Copa del Ray.

Not a football fan? No problem – there are lots of other sports with great futures bets available every year.

Cricket World Cup: Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world. The Cricket World Cup is hosted every four years and is the ODI cricket international championship. The event is popular around the world and millions are bet into the futures markets.

Hawks win 2014 AFLTennis Grand Slams: The four grand slam tournaments in tennis are the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US Open – all of which are played annually. Odds to win the grand slam tourneys open up months prior to the actual tournament starting.

Golf Majors: In golf, the four majors are the Masters, US Open, Open Championship (British Open) and PGA Championship. The most popular tournament in golf is the Masters and futures odds on what golfer will win the Masters are available most of the year.

F1 Drivers Championship: Prior and during every F1 season, the two most popular futures markets are the F1 Drivers’ Championship (Driver that finishes with the most points) and the F1 Constructors’ Championship (Constructor that finishes with the most points).

NRL & Super League Grand Finals: The two most popular rugby leagues are the National Rugby League (NRL) in Australasia and the Super League in Europe. Both leagues end each season with a grand final to determine the champions annually.

AFL Grand Final: The AFL is now broadcasted in many countries around the world and is the most popular league in Australia. Just like every other league on this list – bookmakers release futures odds on the AFL champion prior to the season starting.

Horse Racing Futures Betting: Horse racing is popular everywhere and the big races have futures markets posted real early. Popular events include the Dubai World Cup, Cheltenham, Royal Ascot, Melbourne Cup, Breeders’ Cup and Prix de L’arc de Triomphe.

No matter what sports you enjoy – there are futures markets available year-round to wager on.

Whether you’re looking to place a bet for entertainment purposes on your favorite team or you’re interested in trading the futures markets to make profits – it can all be done. Now you know of the best annual futures bets – good luck with your bets.