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England vs. South Africa Test 3 Cricket Betting Odds

Two of the top batting outfits in cricket face off again on August 16th 2012 when England and South Africa meet up for their third test match. UK cricket bettors are watching this one closely thanks to some last minute drama from the team’s top batter, Kevin Pietersen. It’s a very evenly matched Test that’s guaranteed to draw lots of attention from the betting public and should see some interesting line movement right up until the match begins.

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England vs South Africa Test 3 Match Odds

England 3.75

South Africa 3.00

Draw 2.10

Pietersen’s Departure Damages England’s Chances to Win

Whatever edge England may have had coming into this match was seriously diminished when Pieterson was booted from the team after text messages from him criticizing his English teammates were made public. Pieterson compounded the situation with a series of ham-fisted, and half-hearted, efforts to rectify the situation.

Though his absence leaves a big hole in England’s line-up, their side is still packed with productive hitters like Alistair Cook, Jonathan Trott. They’ve also got plenty of veterans like Jaques Kallis, who has over 150 Test Match appearances.

South Africa Will Prove to be a Worthy Opponent in Test 3

South Africa comes into this test with a team that matches up very well with the Brits in almost every category. Since 2010 they’ve had one of the longest times between wickets with an average of 81.6 balls between wickets. England, with 74.5 balls, sits right behind them in this category.

Punters looking for a South African edge will want to take a look at LBW’s. LBW’s account for slightly more than 20% of all English dismissals, and only 14% of South Africa’s.

England’s Edge in This Match Against South Africa

These two sides are so closely matched that the winning edge is likely to come down to England’s superior bowling skills. British spinners have a strike rate of 61.1 compared to South Africa’s 97.0. In match that’s going to come down to the wire, this could make all the difference.

England vs. South Africa Test 3 Betting Tips

Our pick to win this test match is England at 3.75 odds due to their edge in bowling. Bet365 is our recommended cricket betting site due to the fact they accept bets in a wide range of currencies and because they have great odds. This match is going to be much more competitive without Pietersen playing for England, but we’re confident they still get the result.

South Africa is confident that they can win this test match in a few days. They have been preparing well for the match and with the negative press surrounding England right now they may be able to sneak out a victory. If the English bowlers can find a groove I think the team has enough talented batsmen to win this 3rd test match in the series.

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