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Dolphins vs. Jets Money Line

Miami Dolphins vs. New York Jets
When: Week 8. 1:00pm EST. Sunday, October 28, 2012
Where: MetLife Stadium. East Rutherford, New Jersey

The Miami Dolphins (3-3, 3-3 ATS) are fresh off their bye week and now travel to play the New York Jets (3-4, 5-2 ATS) in week 8. Although the Patriots lead the AFC East and should win the division, both of these teams are still in the running.

The Patriots have a 2-0 division record, the Dolphins are 0-1, and the Jets are 2-1. Obviously, this game is important for both teams if they want to keep pace with the Patriots. But, unless you’re a fan of either of these teams, that’s not really our concern. With a spread of just a point, the question is, should we bet the spread or the money line?

Current Dolphins vs. Jets Money Line Odds

US Friendly
US Friendly
+1 (+105)
-1 (-125)
+1 (+110)
-1 (-130)
o39.5 (-110) / u39.5 (-110)
o40 (-105) / u40 (-115)

As you can see in the table above, the current Dolphins vs. Jets money line is Dolphins +110 and Jets -130 at BetOnline.com. At the time I’m writing this (Friday @ 12:30pm EST), Bovada has yet to post their money line for this game.

Miami Dolphins Money Line

At most Las Vegas and online sportsbooks, the Dolphins money line opened in the range of +120, but it’s down to +110 at BetOnline right now. The Dolphins point spread is currently +1 (+105) at BetOnline, but neither of these bets make sense because we can get the point and +110 at Bovada right now. So, if you like Miami in this game, there isn’t any question – get the Dolphins +1 (+110) at the Bovada Sportsbook.

Although it’s a home game for the Jets, I like Miami SU in this one. Since the spread came down earlier in the week, there’s been very little movement since then. With the weekend upon us now, the public will start betting heavier now. Public sentiment is very low on the Jets. Although it’s a road game for the Dolphins, public perception is better for the Dolphins. They come in on a 2-game win streak (Cinci & STL), and continue to improve under rookie QB Ryan Tannehill.

Tannehill has thrown 2 TD’s without an interception in the last two weeks. He’s also gone 38-55 (69.1%), a sign that he’s improving, and that the Dolphins are using him better. In the first four weeks of the 2012 season, Tannehill attempted 30-41 passes in every game. In weeks 5 & 6 he attempted 26 and 29 passes respectively.

New York Jets Money Line

The Jets money line opened at -140, and is currently -130 at BetOnline. At Bovada we have to give up a point for the same -130, so obviously BetOnline is the choice if you like the Jets.

If you pay any attention to NFL football, you’ve heard all too much about the Jets QB issues. Mark Sanchez blah, blah, blah. Tim Tebow blah, blah, blah. Do I really need to rehash all this? Here’s the thing about the Jets – the public doesn’t like them. Considering the Jets have the 29th ranked offense, 28th ranked passing game, and 12 fumbles, it’s no wonder. Mark Sanchez has also thrown 7 interceptions and fumbled the ball six times. The one thing we can be sure of with the Jets is that they will make mistakes. The only question is, how much will those mistakes cost them?

So who should we be betting on? A team who is ‘ok’ and improving, or a team who makes a ton of mistakes and is going sideways at best? Take the ‘ok’ team who is improving. Plus, we can get a point and +110 on the Dolphins, so this is a no-brainer to me.

Can the Dolphins Beat the Jets at MetLife?

The Jets come into this game 2-2 at home, while the Dolphins are 1-2 on the road.

Miami started last season 0-7, which included a week 6 loss on the road against NYJ (24-6). Last years loss to the Jets was also right after a bye week, but this is a different Dolphins team. This team has something to fight for.

In week 3 the Jets beat the Dolphins on the road this season (23-20) in OT, but the game could have gone either way. Miami missed a FG right before the Jets won the game and I thought the Dolphins outplayed the Jets most of the game. Plus, Tannehill has a bit more experience now, and the Dolphins aren’t relying on him as much.

The Dolphins beat the Bengals on the road 17-13 in week 5, then beat the Rams 17-14 in week 6 at home. The Miami defense has been winning their games this year, which is great for a game like this. If the Dolphins defense can get to Sanchez (inevitable), they’ll cause him to make mistakes (inevitable). The Dolphins can be prone to mistakes also, but they’re more disciplined as well. On the season, the Dolphins have lost 254 yards to penalties, while the Jets have 430 penalty yards.

Miami is far from spectacular on defense, but they’re fantastic against the run (78.2 RYPG – 3rd) and limit points (19.5 PPG – 7th). They’ve had troubles against the pass (284.8 PYPG – 28th), but the Jets passing offense hasn’t been any better (200.4 PYPG – 28th).

The Jets defense ranks 30th against the run, giving up 147.7 yards per game, nearly twice as many as the Dolphins. Here’s where things get really interesting. There’s been a lot of trash talking between the Jets defense and Reggie Bush since the week 3 matchup between these teams. Well, that’s only heated up for this game, and I wonder how a rushing defense this bad will deal with a motivated Reggie Bush. Although Bush can be fragile, he can also be deadly. The Jets are talking about “knocking out” Bush, but they’ll have to catch him first. This game could very easily come down to the Jets D versus the Dolphins running game, so this battle should be fun to watch.

Last weekend, the Jets lost 29-26 in OT to the Patriots after making a 4th quarter comeback. The offense played well, but without Revis the defense has been giving up plenty of yards in the run and pass game. The Jets are still dealing with plenty of injuries, another bad sign for them.

Miami Dolphins vs. New York Jets Predictions

Bet on the Miami Dolphins +1 (+110) at Bovada.lv

I think there are three keys to this game. Jets penalties. Jets mistakes. Jets defense against the run. In the week 3 match-up at home, the Dolphins ran for 180+ yards against the Jets, and the Jets are awful in those other two categories as well. A more conservative Dolphins offense vs. a mistake-prone Jets team spells trouble for the Jets.

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