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Complete Guide to Betting on the 2014 NBA All-Star Game

NBA All-Star Game & Skills Competition Preview

When: Thursday, February 13th 2014 – Sunday, February 16th 2014
Where: Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, Louisiana
Watch: TNT

The 2014 NBA All-Star Weekend is in New Orleans this year. The action on the court starts on Friday with the Rising Stars Challenge and the All-Star Celebrity Game. Saturday features the Shooting Stars, Skill Challenge, 3-Point Contest and Dunk Contest.

To end the weekend East vs. West will battle it out to see who wins the All-Star Game on Sunday night. The weekend is fun for fans of all ages and a good break for handicappers. Let’s take a look at the betting lines and my predictions for the events with odds out.

Will Terrance Ross Repeat in the Dunk Contest

This year three players from each conference will compete as a team to try and win the dunk contest. However, this prop bet will be graded based on who is voted as the “Dunker of the Night”. There will be two rounds (Freestyle & Battle) during the contest.

Each dunker will have 90 seconds to make as many dunks as they want in the freestyle round. The judges’ vote on which conference won and the winning conference can choose to go 1st or 2nd in the Battle Round, which is where each dunker will go H2H.

The 1st conference to win three H2H match-ups will win the contest. This means that you want to bet on a player that is likely to win his H2H match-ups, as that will likely stick with the fans who are voting. I expect a player from the East to be the best dunker.

I’ll be betting on the East to win the contest once odds are released on that. I’m picking Paul George to win the Dunker of the Night fan vote. George was in this competition in 2012 when he lost to Jeremy Evans, but he has the most creativity out of the bunch.

Can Kyrie Irving Defend His 3-Point Contest Title

No one has attempted more 3-point shots than Curry (167 of 408 – 40.9%) so far this season. When Curry is hot from beyond the arc he’s unstoppable, but there are several other players in the contest that have been shooting at a higher percentage than him.

Belinelli has the highest 3-point shooting percentage (44.6%), but he doesn’t have too much volume (79 of 177). Afflalo is another option, as he’s hitting 42.6% of his 3-point shots (92 of 216). I think these two might start well, but will be fatigued by the end.

I’m taking a long shot in this prop market and going with Bradley Beal who has been heating up the last few weeks. On the season he is hitting 42.1% of his 3-point shots (80 of 190) at the time of writing this although he’s in the middle of a game right now as well.

Will Damian Lillard Win the Skills Challenge Again in 2014

In the 1st round of this contest the players will complete the course and the player with the top time from each conference will make it to the final H2H round. Lillard is a deserving favorite and I think he’ll become the 3rd player to win this challenge 2X in a row.

His biggest competition I think will come from the rookies. Carter-Williams will be a popular pick and he could dethrone Lillard, as he has excellent mobility on the court, but his passing isn’t that accurate yet and that’s where I think Lillard has the edge on the field.

Will the East or West Win the All-Star Game

There are no betting lines out yet for the all-star game, but they’ll be released soon. I’ll be betting on the West as long as the point spread isn’t too big. This game is tough to predict because it’s more of an entertainment show than a basketball game.

However, the reason I like the West is because of the talent they have and the fact that I think they’ll play a better team game. If you look at the East they have a lot of great talent (Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony & Paul George), but will they play well together?

The West is loaded. They’ll have Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, Damian Lillard, Kevin Love and Blake Griffin among others. In fact, the West is so loaded that multiple players that didn’t even make the team are good enough to play on the East team.

I personally won’t be betting the celebrity game or the rising stars game once the odds are released. I hope everyone has a fun and profitable weekend betting on the all-star game. I can’t wait for the skills competitions, but the game will be enjoyable as well.

Complete East & West All-Star Game Rosters

(S) = Starter

Kobe Bryant is injured and has been replaced by Anthony Davis.

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