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Champions League Quarterfinals Best Bets

2020 UEFA Champions League Quarterfinals Best Bets

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The Champions League is running things differently this year because of COVID-19. We’re down to the final eight teams and the quarterfinals will be played this week in Lisbon, Portugal… more

Bayern vs Liverpool: UEFA CL 2nd Leg Odds and Prediction

You see a lot of myths about sports gambling posted on social media by people who should know better, claiming that “the action doesn’t matter” and that any attempt to… more

West Ham vs Liverpool: Premier League Preview and Pick

There was a certain point on Wednesday when it looked as though Liverpool’s ship might have finally arrived. The Reds were playing Leicester City, and a goal in the 3rd… more

Tottenham vs City betting preview

Man City vs Wolves: Premier League Moneyline Upset Pick

The first reason Manchester City is heavily favored in Monday’s soccer match is because it’s a soccer match, and City is playing in it. The squad doesn’t lose often –… more

UEFA Champions League Futures and Outright Winner Pick

If the FIFA World Cup is a symphony, and the English Premier League is rock & roll, then the UEFA Champions League is fine eclectic jazz by Ornette Coleman or… more

Tottenham vs Chelsea: Betting Preview and Moneyline Pick

The Premier League’s schedule often suffers from the defects of its virtues. This Saturday’s flurry of important kickoffs at 10 AM New York time present a fun scenario for live-bettors… more

Atlético Madrid vs Borussia Dortmund Gambling Preview

Champions League knockout-round battles are decided in an old-fashioned format of 2 “legs” each consisting of 90 minutes plus injury and stoppage time. The 2 warring clubs take turns hosting… more

Tottenham vs City betting preview

Tottenham vs Man City Betting Odds and Best Wager

2018 has marked my first real effort at handicapping the FIFA World Cup and the English Premier League. I’ve won money for gamblers, but have also made some really embarrassing… more

EPL Betting Odds and Match Preview: Liverpool vs City

It’s easy to tell a true fan when you meet one. True fans don’t necessarily parade their colors around town, loudly boasting about their favorite squad’s recent triumph. When it… more

Tottenham vs City betting preview

English Premier League Betting Preview: Bournemouth vs CPFC

It is nice that the Premier League tosses a reliably-timed bone to its viewing audiences in North and South America. Not to say that there are not a lot of… more

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