#1 USA Sportsbook: Visit Bovada.lv

Blackberry Sports Betting

Most online sportsbooks that offer mobile betting have designed custom versions of their software for Blackberry sports betting. This has made it much easier to place bets on a Blackberry phone than it was in previous years.

In 2012, Blackberry is expected to release a new, full-screen phone designed to compete with the iPhone and Android. It should be less business oriented, with more features & apps than current Blackberry’s. When this happens, the Blackberry sports betting experience should take another significant leap forward.

We highly recommend that new customers sign up on their computers instead of their Blackberry phones. It can be difficult to register & deposit from your Blackberry, but it’s very easy on a computer. Once you’ve registered your new account, placing a bet from your Blackberry is easy. One you’ve signed up, use your Blackberry to go to the sportsbook website. Login using the information you proved upon registration and the site will walk you through any further steps if required.

Best Blackberry Bookmakers (Non-US)

Paddy Power is the best choice for sports betting from a Blackberry smartphone. Blackberry users will find it much easier to register & fund new accounts from their computer than from their Blackberry device. After you’ve registered, login into the website from your Blackberry and the software will walk you through a couple of simple steps to start betting.

Paddy Power Blackberry Sports Betting


Paddy Power is another leader in the mobile sports betting market. They’ve been one of the most progressive betting sites, offering all of the same bets as they do on the website. The mobile software is lightweight and fast-loading, ideal for Blackberry phones.

PaddyPower has a huge selection of live betting options. They offer live betting for every major international sport, and many smaller sports as well. They excel in live bets for football (soccer), cricket, rugby, tennis, golf, American football, NBA & NCAA basketball, and UFC. With that said, they offer live betting for several other sports as well.

PaddyPower.com has a huge selection of deposit & withdrawal options, so anyone in the world should be able to find their preferred method. These include the most popular eWallets like Neteller & Moneybookers, along with Visa, Mastercard, international credit & debit cards, bank transfer, instant echecks, & more.

Best Blackberry Sportsbooks (US Welcome)

Currently, the best online sportsbook for American bettors with Blackberry devices is Bovada. It is a highly reputable sportsbook that get top ratings from every industry expert.

Bovada Blackberry Sports Betting


Bovada offers all of the same US sports as other popular bookies, but some of their lines get posted later. For example, at JustBet, NFL point spreads & totals usually get posted on Sunday night (for the following week), and money lines go up on Tuesday. At Bovada, point spreads & totals usually go up on Monday or Tuesday, but money lines don’t get posted until Friday or Saturday. There isn’t much fluctuation when the lines are only up for a day or two.

Blackberry Sports Gambling

If you have a Blackberry cell phone, you can wager on sports at most mobile sports betting sites. Most sportsbooks can detect that you’re using a Blackberry, and provide software that is designed to make it easier for gambling on sports.

While we prefer the iPhone or iPad for mobile sports betting, Blackberry phones work fine. Live betting, and most betting options available at the websites are also available on Blackberry smart phones.

To get your account setup, register at the sportsbook you’re interested in using your computer. Then, log into your new account using your Blackberry phone. The software will lead you through the rest of the process.

Blackberry Gambling Sites

Most Blackberry gambling sites offer a selection of different types of games. Some only have sports betting, but others also offer a variety of casino games, bingo, and poker. The types of games offered depends on the software each site uses. For example, most gambling sites that use RTG software will have the same Blackberry games, but casinos using Playtech software will offer different games.

Blackberry gambling sites detect when a user is on a Blackberry device, and will automatically forward you to the version of their website compatible for your phone. This means the software has been custom designed for Blackberry users, and will generally perform better than they used to. Software from Blackberry gambling sites are now lighter weight than they used to be, eliminating a lot of the problems encountered with slower internet speeds. Gambling on a Blackberry phone is now better than ever – and it will continue to get better in 2012 and beyond.

Graphics are excellent now, and game speeds are much faster as well. If you’re concerned about losing a bet because you’re Blackberry has lost internet service – don’t. If your internet goes down while you’re playing a game, the game is saved on the casino server, and stays exactly where it was when your internet service went down. The game will be waiting for you whenever you log back in.