#1 USA Sportsbook: Visit Bovada.lv

Football Betting Apps

These days, wagering on everything from Premier League football to La Liga or Bundesliga is very simple. Most online bookmakers have a number of options for mobile football betting that makes pre-match wagers and live betting very easy. All of the best online bookmakers offer football betting apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, and all of the most popular smartphones & tablets.

Best Football Betting Apps for 2013

Below are our favourite football betting apps for 2013. From any of these betting apps, punters can bet on any sports they like, not just football.

#1/ Bet365.com: No USA Punters

Bet365 runs a variety of football promotions throughout the year. This is their largest market, so they do a good job of keeping punters happy. Beyond the promotions, new punters can also get a bonus of 100% up to £200. To get started, click on the appropriate app image below.

The Bet365 football app will appear on your home screen after the download process is complete. From there, you’re just a tap or two away from being able to bet on football from your mobile phone or tablet.

Bet365 is one of the UK’s biggest and most trusted online bookmakers, and they offer a huge selection of football markets. All of the biggest international football leagues & events are offered, plus many of the smaller leagues as well.

They have all of the standard match coupons, plus props, accumulators, futures, and football live betting. Vig is standard for the industry (usually 5-10% depending on the type of bet you’re making).

Bet365 Mobile Football Betting from Your Browser

Punters who don’t want to use memory required for an app can place bets through their mobile browser instead. Bet365 has developed a very nice mobile version of their website, and it’s easy to bet on football from there as well. All of the same bets are available, and the only major difference is that you’ll need to login into the website instead of clicking on an app from your home screen.

#2/ Paddy Power: No USA Punters

Paddy Power is Ireland’s largest independent bookmaker and is a great choice for punters in the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and pretty much anywhere (except the U.S.).

Best Football Betting Apps for Australia/New Zealand

For punters in Australia and New Zealand, we like both of the sites above, but the best choice is probably SportsBet.com.au. They have an extra focus on sports popular in Australia and New Zealand, with more betting options for football, AFL, and other sports popular in these areas.

Depositing Funds

One of the most common questions punters have about mobile betting center on the difficulties of depositing and withdrawing funds. The good news here is that moving funds to and from your mobile football betting account is almost identical to how it’s done from a desktop.

Mobile bettors who work with sites like Bet365 and Paddy Power can choose from almost all of the big Internet payment processors, including PayPal and Neteller, or just use their Visa credit/debit card.

Each online sportsbook has slightly different minimums and maximums for funds transfers depending on the method you’re using.

No matter what method you choose, you’ll only be minutes away from getting deep into mobile wagering action.

Most Popular Football Wagers

Wagering on all the top football leagues from you Android or Apple device is just like placing a bet at the ticket window or from your desktop computer. That means you can access all the same pre-match and in-play bets you’ve enjoyed all along including:

  • Accumulators
  • Multiples
  • Match Odds
  • First Goal
  • Nest Goal
  • Scorecast
  • Halftime/Fulltime
  • And much, much more.

Football Betting Tips

As the biggest sport in the world, the betting action in football is massive. With dozens of popular international leagues, there are matches to bet on almost every day of the year. For punters looking to make consistent profits, this gives us the opportunity to be selective about the bets we place, allowing us to look for the best values. So, the most important tip we can give new punters is to be picky. With so many matches & betting options available, there’s no reason to bet if the value isn’t there.

Although props can sometimes offer a good value, the vig is typically higher than match bets. The same can be said for live betting as well (since they’re prop bets too). So, if you’re betting some of the more common football props, compare odds at several different bookmakers. If you aren’t shopping for the best price, you’re giving your money away.

Bet on teams you follow the closest. Although it can be fun to bet on international events, when we bet on teams we aren’t familiar with, we make mistakes. If you’re betting for pure fun, with money you’re willing to lose, then go ahead and have your fun. However, if you’re betting professionally or to supplement your income, stay away from betting on matches that include a team you aren’t familiar with.

One of the best ways to find value in football is to learn more about those international teams. A lot of international events, like the World Cup for example, will provide value that may be harder to find in regular league play. The reason is, people from all over the world are betting, and a lot of these people are not familiar with all the teams. So, a team with a huge following in their own country playing against a team that most bettors are unfamiliar with can provide more value than matches where all the bettors know both teams. If you are familiar with both teams, you’ll often find matches where one team is providing more value than they should.

Advantages of Mobile Football Betting

Mobile football betting frees punters from their desktops and lets them wager wherever they can pick up a phone signal. This is perfect for heading out on the town with your friends, or anytime you don’t want to be fiddling with a full-sized computer.

It’s also perfect during big events like the Euro Cup, World Cup and Olympics that take place in distant time zones, when you might be at work.

Most online/mobile bookmakers offer additional bonuses and/or free bets for customers when they sign up for mobile betting. These bonuses are on top of other bonuses you can get as a new customer to the bookie, so these are additional bonuses we otherwise wouldn’t receive.

If you’re tired of being chained to your desktop computer during popular football matches and tournaments like the World Cup and the UEFA Champions Tournaments, mobile betting is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Mobile bettors can safely place wagers from the pub, the office or even while out on a stroll with the family.

Premier League football is one of the biggest betting markets on the planet, so it’s easy to find a good mobile bookie. In most cases, all that’s really involved is a simple download, and/or filling out a quick registration for your existing account.