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Best & Worst MLB Teams ATS through May 20th 2012

We’re just over 25% of the way through the MLB regular season and I want to take a look back at the best and worst teams in terms of units’ won/loss up to this point in the season. The most profitable teams are somewhat surprising up to this point in the season while some of the worst teams are also a bit surprising if you haven’t been following the stats closely. The best mobile sportsbook for betting on MLB is BetOnline due to their lifetime bonus guarantee.

Top 5 MLB Teams ATS (Through May 20th 2012)

• Baltimore Orioles (27-15) +17.8 Units
• LA Dodgers (28-13) +13.1 Units
• Atlanta Braves (26-16) +7.8 Units
• New York Mets (22-19) +7.5 Units
• Tampa Bay Rays (25-17) +6.5 Units

Generally when you think of the AL East’s best teams you think of the Yankees and Red Sox. However, up to this point the Rays and Orioles have been the best teams in the AL East. Baltimore is the most profitable team in MLB through the 1st quarter of the regular season while the Rays have been the 5th most profitable team. I think Baltimore will begin to regress soon, but the Rays could continue moving up the ATS charts if they can continue pitching the baseball fairly well.

LA Dodgers have been great this season and often undervalued against mediocre teams in the league. Matt Kemp got off to a hot start, but he’s currently on the 15-day DL until the end of May. Even without Kemp in the line-up the Dodgers have been able to win games at a very high rate and they could be potential World Series contenders at the end of the season. The Mets have been a surprise this season as well and I expect the Mets to regress like the Orioles later in the season.

Worst 5 MLB Teams ATS (Through May 20th 2012)

• LA Angels (18-24) -15.5 Units
• Milwaukee Brewers (17-24) -12.5 Units
• Colorado Rockies (15-25) -12.2 Units
• Detroit Tigers (20-21) -10 Units
• Chicago Cubs (15-26) -8.4 Units

Nobody would have guessed that the Angels would be the least profitable team 25% of the way through the regular season, but that’s exactly the case. The Angels made a lot of noise in the off-season, but Pujols has underperformed and LA has also been way overvalued in most of their games due to public perception. I expect the Angels to pick it up, but unless their odds become less overvalued it’s hard to bet on the Angels right now.

The Brewers lost Fielder this off-season and they’ve struggled without him. The team has already lost -12.5 units and I don’t think we’ll see them become much better as the year progresses. The Cubs also made the list of least profitable teams and I don’t see the Cubs being able to right the ship this season either. The Tigers are just below .500, but they’re constantly overvalued as well due to the big line-ups moves they made during the off-season.

The two teams that made the best moves in the off-season (Angels and Tigers) have been the most overvalued and they haven’t been able to perform up to the standards expected from them. Both teams will pick it up I’m sure as the season progresses, but you need to really pick your spots with these two teams right now.

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