#1 USA Sportsbook: Visit Bovada.lv

Android Sports Betting

Android smart phones are very popular mobile devices for sports betting. Their large screen sizes and iPhone-challenging features make them a solid choice for active punters.

With a large (and growing) mobile market share, most online bookmakers have developed betting apps and/or browser versions of their website optimized for these devices. At this point, you can generally assume that any bookmaker who offers mobile betting should be compatible with your Android.

Best Android betting apps for European punters

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Best Android sportsbook for US bettors

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#1/ Bovada Sportsbook: In the United States, the best online sportsbook for sports wagering is Bovada. It is one of the few online sportsbooks which accept US handicappers, and has a solid reputation for safety and security. Bovada is the only US sportsbook with an Android app that we recommend. Although the other sportsbooks offer nice mobile versions of their website, those are used through a web browser, not an app. For placing quick bets from an app, Bovada is the place to go.

Bovada also has a very safe and secure system for Visa credit & debit card deposits.


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SportsBet Australia (SportsBet.com.au) and BetEasy (BetEasy.com.au) are the best online bookies for Australian punters. Both of these sites have made major strides with the design of their Android apps, and they offer the best selection of Australian sports as well. Although PaddyPower is a good choice also, the other two have the best selection of Aussie horse racing, AFL, rugby, cricket, and other sports Australians are interested in.

App Design Information

The best gambling sites offer betting apps or versions of their software designed specifically for Android cell phones. This means the download times for casino games are much quicker, and instant-play games are faster as well. It also makes the website easier to navigate, so users can find the games they’re looking for much faster. The large screens and relatively fast internet speeds offer players better graphics than ever before, along with faster game-play.

In 2013, look for more Android gambling sites to pop up, and for current ones to add more game choices. Some games are available in downloadable apps, while others can be played instantly in your browser without a download. Every gambling site offers a different selection of games, so visit the casino websites to find the game you’re looking for.

You Might Also Be Asking:

Question: Can I Bet on Sports from My Android Smart Phone?

Answer: Yes, as long as online sports betting is legal in your country or territory. Check your local laws before placing any wagers.

Question: Is Android better than and iPhone or iPad for sports betting?

Answer: The iPad is probably the best overall mobile device for sports betting, but it’s harder to carry around than a cellphone. If size matters, then the Android is a better choice than an iPad.

When compared to the iPhone, these devices are very similar. If you have an Android now and are familiar with how it works, you’re likely to be just as happy (or happier) with it as you would be on an iPhone.

The lower cost and competitive features of an Android smartphone versus the Apple iPhone has made them a major player in the market. 2012 and 2013 were big years for mobile sports betting, as we saw a large number of online sportsbooks enter the market. No matter where you live in the world, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding a reputable online bookie who offers Android sports betting.