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Alabama vs LSU Betting Lines – 11/3/2012

#1 Alabama Crimson Tide (8-0, 5-3 ATS ) vs #5 LSU Tigers (7-1, 3-5 ATS)
When: 8:00pm ET. November 3, 2012
Where: Tiger Stadium. Baton Rouge, LA

US Friendly
US Friendly
-8 (-110)
+8 (-110)
-8 (-110)
+8 (-110)
o40 (-110) / u40 (-110)
o40.5 (-110) / u40.5 (-110)

Even the sharpest NCAA football bettors will tell you that handicapping an Alabama Crimson Tide/LSU Tigers matchup is about as tough a job as there in sports betting. These are two of the best teams from college football’s toughest conference, and given the track record of their last two head-to-head games, almost anything could happen.

LSU isn’t quite the contender they were last year at this time, but there’s no way they’re going to give an inch to the Tide without a serious fight. Alabama on the other hand, is playing nearly flawless football, and shooting for nothing less than perfection.

This Alabama vs. LSU matchup isn’t the Game of the Century, but it’s a huge matchup with major BCS title implications. Here’s what bettors need to know.

Alabama Crimson Tide Betting Lines and Analysis

Best Alabama Point Spread: -8 (-110) at BetOnline or JustBet
Best Alabama Money Line: -325 at JustBet.cx

Alabama is unquestionably the best team in college football today, and have yet to turn in a weak performance against anyone. At 40.6 points/game they’re the top rated offense, while their defense hasn’t allowed more than two TD’s in a single game all year.

Maybe the only criticism that can be legitimately aimed at them is that they’ve yet to be seriously challenged. That’s a situation that’s going to change this week in a big way. But, I think the Tide is well equipped for anything the Tigers, or anyone else can throw at them.

AJ McCarron (122-177, 1684 yards, 18 TD’s and no INT’s) is spreading the ball around well and is extremely composed in the pocket. With one of the best offensive lines in the game protecting him, it’s easy to see why he’s so composed. He’s not only a big team leader, but he also faced LSU twice last year. He clearly learned a lesson from that 9-6 OT loss in the Game of the Century and put a 21-0 loss on the Tigers in the BCS Championship Game.

Alabama is superb on every level and more than matches up against an LSU team that is not nearly as good as they were last year.

LSU Tigers Betting Lines and Analysis

Best LSU Point Spread: +8 (-110) at BetOnline or JustBet
Best LSU Money Line: +275 at BetOnline.com

LSU is having a great season, and unlike the Tide, has faced some pretty serious competition. Alabama is the third ranked team they’ve faced in as as many weeks, and they play #15 Mississippi State next week. They won two of those games, but neither win was a real domination.

If they hope to hang with the high scoring Tide, LSU QB Zach Mettenberger (112-198, 1419 yards, 7 TD’s, 4 INT’s) will need to go to the air more than he has all season. While he’s had plenty of success developing the run against lesser opponents, the Tiger rush hasn’t fared well against better teams. In their 14-6 loss to then-#10 Florida, LSU ran for just 42 yards – Florida ran for 176 in that game.

Like most of the teams playing in the SEC, LSU does have a pretty formidable defense. In that same Florida game, they gave up only 61 yards in the air. That’s a good sign for this week’s game, but the Tide is the 11th best scoring team in college football, and they’ll be tough to slow down.

The biggest challenge for LSU going into this game is that they’re simply not as good as they were last year at this time. That means they’ll have to seriously step up their game to compete with that deep Alabama bench.

Alabama vs LSU Betting Lines & Picks: 11/3/2012

SEC showdowns are notoriously low scoring affairs and the betting public seems to realize that most of the time. Bettors should expect to see two serious defenses grinding down two very good offensive units. In short, it’s going to be a pretty amazing game.

‘Bama vs LSU Point Spread Pick

Alabama’s been looking at betting lines more like -24, -40 all season, so coming into Baton Rouge as only a -8 favorite is kind of a big deal. Small as that line is by ‘Bama standards, it’s pretty huge for an SEC rivalry game. We expect LSU to give the Tide a real game and really keep this one close, so we have to go with the underdog this time. But, if the line gets down to more like -7, take that action instead.

For now, my pick is LSU +8 (-110) at BetOnline.com.

Crimson Tide vs. Tigers Money Line Pick

Despite LSU’s success against ranked teams, the Crimson Tide seems unstoppable this season. The Tigers will be clamoring for revenge after last season’s disappointing BCS title game, but that won’t be enough. Alabama should be the straight up winner.

The best Alabama money line is -325 at JustBet.cx. The only thing stopping me from making this bet is that it’s an LSU home game. I don’t think there’s much question that Alabama is the better team, and wins this matchup a high percentage of the time. However, taking road favorites in big SEC matchups isn’t a great idea, so I don’t see the value in this wager.

The best LSU money line is +275 at BetOnline. Again, I don’t think LSU wins this matchup often enough to justify these odds, and since I like ‘Bama on the point spread, I won’t bet the LSU money line.

LSU vs. ‘Bama Over/Under Pick

Alabama and LSU are both high powered teams with awesome defenses, and that normally spells u-n-d-e-r. Throw in the SEC Saturday night magic and you’ve got the formula for a very low scoring game. However, this Alabama vs. LSU over/under is just 40 to 40.5 depending on where you’re betting at, a low game total for college football.

Alabama has a 4-3-1 over/under record this year, while LSU is 3-4. LSU doesn’t score a ton, but their defense is stout. Alabama has scored 33-44 in each of their last 5 games, without giving up more than 14 points. They are just flat-out hard to score against. In the end, I think we’ll see a score in the range of 24-7 (31) up to 33-14 (45). Although the total is low, I still think we have an edge on the under here. The key will come down to the LSU offense vs. Alabama defense, and I Alabama has the edge here.

For this Nov. 3, 2012 Alabama vs. LSU matchup, I’m taking under 40.5 (-110) at JustBet.cx.

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