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2020 MLB Regular Season Batting Average Props Picks

2020 MLB Props() @ -()

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  • When: June 1, 2020 12:00 am EST
  • Over / Under:

    Justin Turner (LAD) Over .290 BA (-115) vs. Under .290 BA (-115)

    DJ LeMahieu (NYY) Over .290 BA (-120) vs. Under .290 BS (-110)

    Jason Heyward (CHC) Over .260 BA (-115) vs. Under .260 BA (-115)

    Christian Yelich (MIL) Over .305 BA (-115) vs. Under .305 BA (-115)

    Bryce Harper (PHI) Over .265 BA (-110) vs. Under .265 BA (-120)

MLB 2020 Regular Season Props BettingWill MLB return in 2020?

Reports this week indicate that the league is optimistic. The plan with the most steam right now is that the teams would play games behind closed doors in Florida, Arizona and Texas.

While it could work, the logistics still need to be worked out. Multiple players, including Mike Trout and Clayton Kershaw have gone on record pushing back against the idea of isolating to play.

However, there’s a good chance we see some MLB action in 2020.

The regular season may need to be shortened, but I expect some baseball to be played. One of the more unique MLB regular season props at Bovada is the over/under on a player’s batting average.

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Best Bets in the Batting Average Props Market

Keep in mind, these props are for the MLB regular season only.

Bovada has posted over/under odds on 100+ players, so there’s a ton of variety. To find out if your favorite player is listed, your best bet is to visit Bovada and take a look.

Here are my top five best bets for this MLB prop betting market:

This line seems a little low to me. Turner is a model of consistency. Since 2014, Turner has had a batting average above .290 in four seasons. Last year, he finished with a .290 BA (Push).

The only year Turner had a batting average below .290 in the last six seasons was 2016 (.275 BA).

With Mookie Betts batting lead-off for the Dodgers now, Turner is going to have a lot of chances to hit with RISP. Turner is the starting third baseman and is expected to bat #3 or #4 in the order.

LeMahieu gets overlooked on the Bronx Bombers, but he’s going to be leading off for the NYY this season and he’s a good bet to bat over .300, as pitchers will have to pitch him strikes.

The Yankees line-up is loaded behind LeMahieu, so pitchers can’t afford to walk him.

If we look at LeMahieu’s stats we can see he has been a solid bet to have a .300+ BA. In the last five seasons, LeMahieu has had a batting average above .300 four times.

The only year he didn’t was 2018 (.276 BA). Last season he batted .327 in 145 games.

Despite the low over/under of .260, I’m still betting on the under for Heyward in 2020.

Heyward is going to be batting at the bottom of the Cubs line-ups. Last season, Heyward struggled to a .251 batting average and he ended up striking out 110 times in 589 plate appearances.

I follow a lot of the fantasy projection websites and none of them have Heyward batting above .260 and I agree. Heyward has only batted above .260 once (.270 BA in 2018) in the last four seasons.

How can we not have some action on one of the league’s best hitters the last two years.

Yelich has led the National League in batting average the last two seasons. He batted .326 in 2018 and .329 in 2019. Not only does he hit for average, but he hit 36 HRs in 2018 and 44 HRs in 2019.

Last season, 17 players hit .305 or better in MLB. Yelich doesn’t need to be the best hitter in the majors, but I expect him to remain in the top 10, which should mean he hits .305 or better.

Harper has never really hit for average, he has always been a masher.

There are some outlier seasons. In 2015, Harper hit .330 and then in 2017 he hit .319, but in 2016 (.243), 2018 (.249) and 2019 (.260), Harper failed to hit above .260 in any of the three seasons.

In his first season in Philly, Harper batted .260, but he had 35 HRs and 114 RBIs. That’s a success and I expect similar numbers. Harper is always good for a few lengthy runs of bad form every year.

In conclusion, MLB regular season batting average prop bets provide MLB bettors with the chance to use their player-specific knowledge to make some extra money this season at Bovada.

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