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2014 NBA Championship Winner Odds – Playoff Breakdown

The 2013-14 NBA regular season ended last night and the playoffs get underway on Saturday. I’m excited to see the Raptors make it back to the playoffs after a long absence. The main storyline this week has been whether or not the Miami Heat will 3-peat.

Miami is expected to dominate the East due to the recent struggles of the Pacers and lack of depth in the conference. The West on the other hand is much more wide open. The Spurs are favored, but the Thunder, Clippers and Rockets are all legit contenders.

Latest 2014 NBA Championship Betting Lines

The Heat are the favorites to win the NBA championship for the third consecutive year. San Antonio is next in the market and then we have the Thunder and Pacers. Apart from these four teams the rest of the field is paying over 10/1 to win the title this season.

Will the Miami Heat Win the Eastern Conference?

Almost everyone expects the East to come down to the Miami Heat (54-28) and Indiana Pacers (56-26). The Pacers looked like the #1 team in the East early in the season, but the team has fell off a lot lately and many are questioning this team’s toughness.

The Heat rank 12th in points scored (102.2 PPG) and 5th in points allowed (97.4 PPG), but that doesn’t tell the whole story, as Miami is ranked 11th in defensive efficiency. Miami has one of the slowest paces in the NBA, which is why they don’t allow too many points.

For Miami, everything will come down to the big three (Lebron James, Dwayne Wade & Chris Bosh) that have combined to average 62.3 PPG, 18.0 RPG and 12.2 APG. The Heat lack depth and the only way they make a run is if the big three exceed their current play.

Indiana is 12-13 since March and everyone thinks they’re going to bow out of the playoffs early. Roy Hibbert has had a terrible year in my opinion. He has the potential to turn it up in the playoffs, but I wouldn’t count on it based on his effort down the stretch.

Paul George leads the team in most categories, but he won’t be able to lead the Pacers on a deep run by himself. The Pacers are one of the top defensive teams (92.3 PPG – 2nd), but they’ve struggled to score points (96.7 PPG – 24th) on a consistent basis this season.

I don’t think the Toronto Raptors, Washington Wizards or Charlotte Bobcats will be pushovers in the playoffs, but I don’t think these teams have the experience necessary to make a finals run. Look for Miami to literally turn up the heat up win the East again.

Will the San Antonio Spurs Win the Western Conference?

The West is extremely tough and it isn’t even fair when compared to the East. The #8 seed in the East is Atlanta who finished with a record of 38-44 this season while the #8 seed in the West is Dallas who went 49-33 during the regular season.

San Antonio was by fat the best team this season in the NBA. They ranked 6th in points scored (105.4 PPG), 6th in points allowed (97.6 PPG), 12th in rebounds (43.3 RPG) and 1st in assists (25.2 APG). The team has incredible depth and tons of veteran leadership.

Many are wondering whether this will be the year for the Thunder and that’s my pick to win the West. Kevin Durant led the league in points (32 PPG) during the regular season. Russell Westbrook is healthy and the Thunder are getting of plenty of bench help.

Reggie Jackson (13.1 PPG) and Caron Butler (9.7 PPG) give this team depth that they haven’t had before. OKC is also healthy coming into the playoffs. They rank 5th in points scored (106.2 PPG), 7th in rebounds (44.7 RPG) and 12th in points allowed (99.8 PPG).

I expect the Rockets to beat the Blazers and the Clippers to beat the Warriors, but I don’t think either team will make a run at the title. The Clippers have J.J. Redick is back and Darren Collison has been playing great for the Clippers, which adds to their depth.

Houston has a ton of talent, but I’m not sure if they can rally together as a team and beat the top teams in the West. SA is the likely pick to win the West, but I think the younger Thunder team will have enough to knock them off if they remain healthy.

2014 NBA Finals Prediction

I’m one of the people that think this is the year for the Thunder. They have been playing well down the stretch and the team is now healthier than they have been most of the season. With the bench production they’re getting I believe they can takedown the Heat.

A Durant vs. James match-up in the finals would be incredible for ratings. The Thunder have a few big bodies that they rotate in and out to keep them fresh. Plus now that it’s the playoffs look for Durant to unleash offensively and hold nothing back.

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