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2013 NFL Week 3 Teaser Bets

Almost every NFL bettor that has used an online sportsbook has bet on teasers. Normally at MSB we focus on game previews, but this week I’m also going to provide handicappers with my teaser bets. Every week there are always great teaser opportunities and this week I have a handful of picks to consider.

Week 3 Teaser Betting Lines

The table below has the teaser odds listed this week. I’m using the 6-point teaser only in this article, which you can wager on at the Bovada Sportsbook. I’ve posted the best games to use in your teasers below along with my teaser predictions for week 3.

Bovada Sportsbook Live Odds
Away Team Teaser Odds
Home Team Teaser Odds
Chargers +9
Titans +3
Browns +13
Vikings -1
Buccaneers +13
Patriots -1
Texans +3.5
Ravens +8.5
Rams +10
Cowboys +2
Cardinals +13
Saints -1
Lions +7
Redskins +5
Packers +3
Bengals +9
Giants +5
Panthers +7
Falcons +9
Dolphins +3
Colts +16
49ers -4
Jaguars +25
Seahawks -13
Bills +9
Jets +3
Bears +3
Steelers +9
Raiders +20.5
Broncos -8.5

Best NFL Games to Put in Your Teasers For Week 3

New broke that the Cleveland Browns have traded Trent Richardson for a 1st round draft pick. I have no idea what they were thinking when they made this trade, but you can bet that the Browns are going to come out and look absolutely horrendous on the road.

Minnesota’s point spread has jumped up after new the Richardson news to –7, but you can get them at –1 on teasers. Cleveland has been great on defense (226 PYPG – 12th & 59.5 RYPG – 4th), but they haven’t faced a RB close to Adrian Peterson yet.

The Saints are generally good when playing at home. Last year was an anomaly without the coach on the sidelines. The Saints are 2-0 despite playing two close games that they could have lost, but the Cardinals are terrible on the road. They went 1-7 last year.

Arizona ranks 21st in passing defense and Drew Brees should have a field day against the secondary. The Saints may not blow out the Cardinals, but you can bet that they’ll win at home. This is another –7 favorite that we’re bringing all the way down to just –1 spread.

Pittsburgh looks like one of the worst teams in the NFL through two weeks. They host the Bears on Sunday night, but even with this game being at Heinz Field the Bears should be able to dominate the game and win. Chicago is better on both sides of the football.

The Steelers are allowing 119.5 RYPG (25th), so Matt Forte should finally have a 100+ yard rushing game. Chicago ranks 17th in PYPG allowed (252), but Roethlisberger has had no time in the pocket and the Bears defense should keep Pittsburgh under 20 points.

Both teams are 0-2 to start the season, but if you ask me I think the Giants have the best chance to bounce back. Carolina shouldn’t have blown their lead last week against the Bills and now they have to try and get up for an even bigger game against the G-Men.

Carolina ranks 22nd in passing defense and allows nearly 300 passing yards per game. Eli Manning has struggled with interceptions to start the year, but against this defense he shouldn’t have as much of a problem. This will be close and I’ll take The Giants at +5.

I talked about this game in-depth earlier in the week and you should read over that article. I think the Chargers will win this game SU and getting them at +9 on a teaser should be next to a lock. The Chargers have dominated the Titans in recent H2H meetings.

Phillip Rivers is looking great to start the season, which is good news for SD fans that have been waiting for him to rebound. SD has struggled with passing defense, but Jake Locker doesn’t put a worry into me. I think this is one of the best games to tease this week.

Teaser Predictions For This Week

Odds courtesy of Bovada Sportsbook

My top three teaser selections are the Vikings, Saints and Chargers. Teasers don’t provide bettors with huge payouts, but spreads are extremely tight in the NFL and getting points in your favor can turn a loss into a winner.

Seattle, Denver and San Francisco all look to be great teaser selections, but there is still a risk with those teams due to the big point spreads. Even with points in your favor the big favorites have to win by quite a few points. I think SF is the safest out of the three.

The Seahawks should dominate, but I’m not comfortable teasing a big favorite to –13 points, especially when you consider that they struggled to win against the Panthers in week 1. This could be a game the Seahawks don’t take seriously and win by 10-14 points.

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