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2012-2013 Premier League Golden Boot Tips

Bookmakers take a lot of action on the golden boot market for the Premier League leading up to every season. For those of you that may be new to this betting market your goal is to predict the top goalscorer during the 2012-13 Premier League season. This may seem difficult and it is, but the payout odds justify taking a look at the betting odds every summer.

Odds to Win the 2012-13 EPL Golden Boot Award

(Top 10)

• Sergio Aguero 8.00 (7/1)
• Wayne Rooney 9.00 (8/1)
• Fernando Torres 11.00 (10/1)
• Robin Van Persie 11.00 (10/1)
• Mario Balotelli 13.00 (12/1)
• Luiz Suarez 17.00 (16/1)
• Carlos Tevez 17.00 (16/1)
• Javier Hernandez 21.00 (20/1)
• Danny Welbeck 17.00 (16/1)
• Papiss Cisse 17.00 (16/1)

I’ve posted the odds for the top 10 players to win the 2012-13 EPL golden boot award from Ladbrokes Mobile. They have the best odds on numerous players including Rooney and Suarez. There are 100’s of players that you can bet on and if your favourite player doesn’t have odds listed most UK bookmakers will have no problem setting odds that you can wager on.

2012-2013 Premier League Golden Boot Analysis

Robin Van Persie 11.00 – Last Season Scored 30 Goals

Van Persie won the golden boot last season with 30 goals due to an uncanny ability to generate chances. He also converted a lot of his chances, but he’s likely to regress this season. The transfer talk surrounding Van Persie is uneasy as well if you’re thinking about backing him in the 2012-13 EPL golden boot betting market. He won’t be my selection this year.

Wayne Rooney 9.00 – Last Season Scored 27 Goals

Rooney almost beat Van Persie for the golden boot last season and I think he may this season. He isn’t my pick, but Rooney will most likely be at the top of the scorers table in 2012-13. Rooney set a personal record for league play goals in 2011-12, but with a new addition (Kagawa) I think Rooney should have even more scoring chances to convert.

Sergio Aguero 8.00 – Last Season Scored 23 Goals

The 3rd place finisher and favourite to win the golden boot this year is Aguero from Man City. Aguero converted his chances a lot more than most other players last season and if he keeps that up he’ll be in the top 5 again. My money isn’t on Aguero though, as the team has so many scoring options that it’s doubtful Aguero will get enough scoring opportunities.

Emmanuel Adebayor 34.00 – Last Season Scored 16 Goals

When I wager on a market like the golden boot where my money is tied up all season and the chances of winning are slim I tend to put my money down on a big underdog. This season my prediction to win the 2012-2013 EPL golden boot is Adebayor, but I’m waiting to place the bet until his contract has been worked out with Tottenham, as there has been some stalling.

If he signs I’ll be placing my bet on him before the odds change much. Adebayor would be the top striker at Tottenham and the Hotspurs should be a good squad again this season. If Tottenham wants to finish near the top teams again this season they will need to have Adebayor scoring goals, as last season he accounted for 24% of the team’s league play goals.

Don’t forget that every UK mobile bookmaker including Ladbrokes Mobile, Bet365 Mobile and Paddy Power Mobile are offering Premier League golden boot odds. Do some line shopping at the top bookies to ensure you’re getting the best odds possible.

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