#1 USA Sportsbook: Visit Bovada.lv
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Mobile sports betting is now available at many of the best online sportsbooks. Every betting site knows that people want to get the latest odds and place bets on their mobile phones, so most of them have developed websites and/or apps that are compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, Samsung and Windows based smartphones. Below is our #1 rated bookmaker for U.S. residents.

Best Mobile Sports Betting Sites

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#1 for USA: Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada offers mobile sports betting for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Nokia, and Windows based phones & tablets. They also offer deposit bonuses for new customers, plus a variety of special promotions. Some of these promotions include free bets, special contests, reload bonuses, and more.

The signup process for mobile sports betting has gotten much simpler in recent years. It used to be easier to sign up on your computer, but now all of the top bookies offer simplified signup processes for mobile users. It’s also easier to make deposits now. Inputting credit card information, expiration dates, Verified by Visa passwords etc., now have simplified processes to make it quick & easy.

iPhone Sports Betting

The Apple iPhone is the perfect mobile device (and most popular) for sports betting.  The large display screens and fast internet load times make it ideal for viewing odds, while the touch screen makes it easy for placing bets. For more information about using an iPhone for sports betting, read our iPhone Sports Betting page.

Industry experts tell us that Androids are a very close second to iPhones in terms of number of bettors using each device. Clearly, Android users are happy using their phones for sports betting.

Apple iPad Tablets

The iPad is an excellent device for mobile sports betting, and #1 within the hybrid market. It has a huge display screen which allows handicappers to view betting lines very easily. The touch screen is great for placing bets and scrolling through odds. They’re also great for reading general content, with a larger screen and text size.

For more information about online bookmakers and iPad compatibility, please visit our iPad sports betting page.

Android Devices

The Android (Droid) mobile phones have become very popular smartphones in the last year or so. For those interested in mobile sports betting, the Android is a great choice. They have larger displays than Blackberry phones, and touch screens as well. This makes them ideal for mobile sports betting. Visit our Android sports betting page for more information.

Live Betting

Want to bet on the next play while you sit in the stands and watch the game in person? You can do that now. Live betting is another sports betting niche that is growing very quickly, and it’s great for those who have accounts at online sportsbooks who offer mobile sports betting.

With live betting, punters can choose from a variety of bets on individual plays or possessions. If you’re at a basketball, football, soccer, or baseball game, you can bet on what is going to happen 2 minutes from now. Pretty cool.

NFL Betting Apps

As the largest sport for handicappers in the United States, the NFL generates more mobile wagers than any other sport. The online sportsbooks recommended above have improved their mobile betting software and make it easy to bet on NFL football. They also offer mobile betting for NCAA football, NBA & NCAA basketball, NHL Hockey, UFC & MMA, Nascar, horse racing, and so on.

NBA & NCAA Basketball Betting

Almost every online sportsbook that offers mobile sports betting, also offers betting on NBA and NCAA college basketball. Every sportsbook that accepts US customers offers these sports, along with most books who don’t. If you’re looking to bet on NBA or NCAA basketball on your mobile phone, you can probably sign up at any online bookmaker you prefer – as long as they offer mobile betting.

For bettors living in America, we recommend Bovada.lv for mobile NBA & NCAA basketball betting. They have live betting for a large number of NBA games, and the biggest NCAA games each week as well.

Mobile Football Betting (Soccer)

Bovada was one of the first online betting sites to recognize the growing market of mobile sports betting, and as a result, they’ve become one of the leaders in the industry. They’ve also made a huge step forward in the live betting area, now with hundreds of games/matches within all of the most popular sports offered every week. They have live, mobile betting for football, cricket, rugby, tennis, F1, UFC/MMA, golf & more. We rank their live betting options #1 in the entire industry right now.

Cricket Betting Apps

As another huge international sport, of course mobile cricket betting is becoming very popular. All of the biggest cricket leagues around the world can be bet on from your smartphone. Of course the IPL (Indian Premier League) T20 league is the biggest, and every online betting site that offers mobile cricket betting offers odds for the IPL.

Mobile Horse Racing Bets

There are literally hundreds of horse racing tracks around the world that punters can bet on. Some of the biggest online bookies offer horse racing for international tracks, but most focus on tracks located in the areas that their customer base comes from. For example, a bookie that markets most heavily to Australian gamblers will likely offer all of the Aussie tracks, with fewer international tracks. A bookmaker who focuses mostly on the UK market will offer more tracks in that area.

With that said, Bovada.lv probably has the largest selection of tracks right now. They have all of the most popular UK and European tracks, along with tracks in New Zealand, Australia, the United States, and other parts of the world as well.

Mobile Gambling Sites

Many of the mobile gambling sites listed above also offer mobile casino games. Some are exclusively sports betting sites, but others offer poker, casino, bingo, scratch cards, and other types of games. As mobile gambling becomes more popular, most sites are adding new games all the time. If you’re looking to download a mobile gambling app, visit the casino first and make sure they offer the games you’re looking for.

For example, most gambling sites now offer a small variety of slot games, a few blackjack games, craps, American and/or European roulette, three card poker, a small selection of video poker games, and baccarat. Other casinos also offer bingo, keno, and a wider selection of the other games previously mentioned. If you prefer standard blackjack or any type of slot games, then any of our recommended mobile gambling sites will do.